Friday, 21 February 2014

Half term country park stroll...

It was Friday... the last week day of the February half term, daddy M was working, and the weather wasn't great. S was getting irritable at the thought of having another movie day, like Thursday had been, and J was happy doing anything, she was in a good mood.
After reading a comment someone had put on a Facebook post "there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes" I thought, why not go and feed the ducks?? Its just the odd light shower between the sun coming out to greet us, and then hiding again. Briefly mentioned feeding the ducks to S, and she sprinted off to the door to put her wellies on... The first time I have seen her do this (just turned 2) even though they were on the wrong feet, that showed she was keen. But first we had to get dressed....

Once we were ready, I realised we had no spare bread to feed the ducks, so we had a little trip to the shops first, they choose a loaf each , then paid separately too, then we were finally off.

We made it to Pennington Flash Country Park and managed to get a cheeky parking spot where we didn't have to pay for parking (tight mummy M) but an extra little 5min walk... that will come back to haunt me later!
Once booted up, we were off, and at the ducks! I let the girls loose with their bread, and the geese soon spotted the huge loaves they were carrying, and surrounded them, the girls instantly put their backs to each other, and it looked like they were watching each others back!
The geese kept taking full slices out of their hands, which upset S, so she just started throwing full slices at them before they got to her. J was loving the fact that all the eyes of the geese were on her!

After the bread ran out, the geese soon dispersed to the next family coming along, so we started walking further into the park on a puddle hunt, just as it started a light shower. J ran off ahead jumping in every puddle she could find,

 and S stayed back holding my hand, this is very unlike her, its like role reversal! This is how it remained the whole way around the park, until we started to look for items we could find, then she wouldn't let go of a baby fir cone and a stick!
We came to a fork in the paths...left meant a longer walk...right meant back to the car... I let J choose, so the longer walk it was. All went well until we were about the half way point, when the heavens opened, and we were soaked.... J was cold after all the puddle splashing had caught up with her, inside her wellies, and upto her knickers... drowned rat springs to mind... and S was getting upset, she had a fever earlier in the week, so could be recovering from that still? So I ended up carrying her until we reached the park, where even though it was still raining, both girls were cold, but they still wanted to play!!

After the play in the park, the rain stopped long enough for us to get some chips from the chip van, thinking the girls could nibble whilst walking that extra 5 minutes back to the car... just as we got them, the heavens opened again, S started to cry again, so up she went on my hip to get to the car, and J was scared of dropping the chips so wasnt walking, so we ran back to the car with mummy carrying S, and two small cones of chips... back to the car to warm up and eat... then home for some hot chocolate, baths and onesies!  After today, I have learnt that we need puddle suits!! J is getting so much more confident around puddles and mud trying to make as big a splash as she can... J is such a girlie girl, she used to be worried about getting wet and dirty, but that fear seems to have faded, now she needs to keep warm!
Another fab half term day, even if it was a tad stressful at the end of the walk! 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall Im adding the country kids linky, as think our day out fits in with country kids perfectly!


  1. Wonderful outdoor play in the puddles and rain! I'm sure once the girls have waterproofs they will be happy to splash around in the rain but still be warm and dry. Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  2. Thank you... we are currently shopping online for waterproofs now :-)


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