Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Little Budworth geocaching fun!

Today J was back in nursery for the day, so S and I went out geocaching with Grandma M and one of her friends and her dog. Geocaching is great to get you outdoors for a purpose, and takes you to places you may not have been otherwise. You can download an app on a smartphone or have a GPS and then go hunting for Tupperware containers or smaller or larger containers in the woods, or on back of signs, etc. Great family entertainment on the cheap, you can find out more here.

One of our first caches (J holding a geocache!) March 2011
We have been geocaching since J was 18months, and I'm very much a fair weather cacher, if we are bored, and need to get out the house, it gives us a target to reach. Todays area to explore took us to Little Budworth Country Park, and we were able to grab 26 geocaches. (you sign the bit of paper in there, return it back into its hiding place, and if available, there is swappable small items/toys for the kids to swap, "treasure").

Once we were parked up, and into the park, we came across an old tree that was made into a carved seat, S really didn't like it.
S was off to a slow start, so a stroll it was to be, but we soon started to find the caches.
After a while we managed to bribe her into the buggy, so we could pick the speed up, and get more ground covered. Until we came across a couple of stiles.... a buggies worst nightmare.... the all terrain buggy is fairly bulky, but we managed to get it over ok, and into  a horse field,
the horses were very interested in the buggy... so much so I ended up picking S up, and leaving Grandma M behind with the buggy walking slowly so we could get the dog and S out the field. (thank you Grandma)
One we were safely over the stile, it was time for cuddles with the very friendly horses....
Another few caches under our belt, and we had stopped for lunch, on a fallen tree.... the recent storms have brought down many very large trees in this woods, and its such a shame to see, here is just one little lot we came across.
 S got some new found energy after a little rest, and especially after retrieving a ring from a cache for her treasure.
She also started a collection of sticks, stopping every few moments to pick up  a new one. This is new to me, J used to be a stone collector, which can easily be put in a pocket, sticks are a bit harder...
That new found energy soon became lost, and she came to a (almost) standstill, with the rain clouds fast approaching, so A (Grandmas friend) leant a back for a piggy back ride... (thank you) as she refused to go back in the buggy.
Once we had our normal shoes back on, we headed off to a coffee shop for a nice hot drink and a fruit scone and apple juice for S.
All in all a great day exploring a new area, grabbing some more caches, and catching up in the fresh air. Made even better by the rain holding off until we were in the coffee shop.... great timing.
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  1. It looks brilliant! I keep meaning to do this, so we really must, thanks for the reminder! #CountryKids

  2. I keep reading about geo-caching so must try and do it this year - I know there are some around where we live here in France.

  3. Geocaching is such great fun and you did very well and had a great adventure along the way. Thanks for linking up and sharing your lovely photos of outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  4. Geocaching is so much fun... but a lesson we learnt, after 5-10minutes of hunting for one and not finding, give up, and on to the next.... it may not be there anymore, and its no fun searching the same spots over and over again. We have had so many adventures on our geocaching walks. :-) worth a try :-)

  5. We've never done any geo-caching but it certainly looks fun and something that I think we'll need to start exploring in the Summer.

    Nipping over from Country Kids.


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