Thursday, 27 February 2014

What do kids learn on holiday...?? .....Lots!!!!

This post is an entry for the Visit Wales #Wales4Kids Family Holiday Challenge. Wales is the perfect place for a fun-filled family break
Kids learn a lot from holidays. Not just the culture, different foods, new languages, or that there is more to the world than what they know. They learn new skills and gain new memories. We were lucky enough that last year, we could take the girls on their first foreign holiday to Disney World, Orlando.
Whilst there, they learnt some of the different lingo i.e., mac n cheese for cheesy pasta, diaper instead of nappy, restroom instead of toilets. And the different types of food, e.g., corndogs and dole whips. They also got to try some of the American food.
J trying her first corndog Nov2013
But the main thing I wanted to write about on this subject, was J learnt not to fear the water. she's not scared of paddling pools, or baths and showers, but any water that goes above her waist, she panicked, and would have a melt down.
In our villa, we had a private pool, so could take things at her pace, we started with her sat on my hip like a younger child, until we were deep enough for her not to reach, then I'd start swishing around and splashing, then she would slowly let her body drift away, but still hold on, by the end of that 2nd afternoon, she was happily floating around on her rubber ring and arm bands.
Fear of water?? No way!!
By the end of the 2 weeks we managed to get her to swim lengths of the pool with just her armbands.
J's first length with no help.
 She even had a little try without armbands with Daddy M's help,

.....but she's not ready for that...just yet! What an improvement 2 weeks made.  
Whilst on that same holiday, the girls also learned about space, and the size of the rockets that go up, and come down. J was certainly impressed.


Another thing both the girlies learnt was how to build a proper sandcastle, we don't live near the coast, so don't go very often, and the very rare times we do go, they are either to busy paddling, collecting shells, or its muddy sand, almost clay like, or its just to windy. So on this holiday they learnt the right consistency to make a sandcastle, without it falling down again...

and then learnt that it was just as much fun to knock it down after, rather then watching someone else do it whilst we walk away.

I'm writing this blog to be entered into the competition to win a holiday in Wales, we have never been to Wales, and would love the experience to create new memories, and who knows what we would learn??? Where we would explore?? Possibly the Breacon Beacons or Snowdonia for the views? The beach for more sandcastle memories, a boat ride for the chance to possibly see a dolphin? A hill walk to find the ancient hill forts and castles? The possibilities are endless... all I know is that if were to win, I would want to do it all :-)



  1. Cute pics! My girls love corn dogs too!

  2. It was our first time trying them... I loved them, so did the girls, Daddy didn't though. We loved the food out there, especially Ihop!! :-)


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