Friday, 7 March 2014

A very 'MEH' day!

Today was just a 'meh' day, you know where nothing actually really bad happened, nor anything great. Just a - meh.
J woke very early again, around 5am, with a very bad chesty cough, almost thought she was going to be sick, so I got up and gave her some cough medicine, and a juice, before sending her back to her room, until 6am came and her "gro clock" had 1 star left (which means 1 hour until wake up time). In our house, our rules are if there is 1 star left, she can play with her barbies, Nintendo ds or Innotab quietly until it turns yellow at 7am. But she always asks permission to do so, which is cute, but also annoying if I had just drifted back to sleep.

Once it was 7, the girls and I were up. Within 5 monutes of waking J was doubled over saying her belly was hurting, when I asked her to show me where, she pointed to her throat... ok then...  A hot chocolate was given (its a routine thing in our house, that the girls have one on waking, and one at bedtime, so they still get their milk, when they say they don't like milk anymore). She drank about 2/3's of it, which really wasn't like her, so I brought her duvet down so she could rest some more, but she was also saying her belly was hurting as she was hungry, so I gave her some left over pancakes (the shop brought ones) as I know they were her favourite, but again she refused it, and also a banana. Calpol was soon given, and within 30minutes she had perked up.
However, I started deteriorating... I had finally caught her cold/bug. The nose was streaming, the sneezing was constant, and the clammy skin was starting, not what I wanted. Mummy can not get poorly with a house to run.
We were due to go around a friends for lunch, but that got cancelled, and with J's dancing in the evening, a hot meal was needed at lunch time. I was not well enough to cook, and the girls were getting a tad hyper by this point. So Ikea it was, its not junk food, it was hot, and it was close by without being a formal sit down place. S had her first plate of meatballs, and J decided that she wanted a hotdog.

After cake for pudding, the girls then played in the little play area, whilst mummy and daddy enjoyed a drink in peace. Bliss.

There was then the shopping for J's new dance outfit, as she has outgrown her previous uniform, and we were told Decathlon were cheap. Oh boy, they are very reasonable. Leotard with attached skirt, ballet shoes and leg warmers all for £20. At J's previous dance school we paid just that for her shoes, so if you need any dance wear, check them out. (This is my opinion, and in no way sponsored).

We were then home, for another quick brew, before her actual class. She did fantastic, and I'm so proud of how quickly she has picked it back up. She's doing so well, she can join into the extra class on the Monday which is more structured. However it is immediately after street dance, which is straight after school, which I think will be too much for her. So we gave J the choice, street or ballet, and she's chosen double ballet.

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