Thursday, 6 March 2014

A very tiresome Thursday!

I'm writing this blog early today as I'm expecting to go up to bed with the girls this evening. Zzzz....
Very tired, moody J
J has been suffering with a cold for the past week, and is a real drama queen about it, as 4 year olds are, and acting on it at night, so we have had every night with her waking for some reason or another. Last night was the worst for a while. She went up to bed later than usual by a whole hour, as she was enjoying some 1:1 time with daddy m and the PlayStation. She then wouldn't sleep as her favourite Barbie wasn't up there with her. (She has over 18 on her bed, how can she miss 1?) after 10minutes hunting toy boxes we finally found it, and she was straight off to sleep.... until about 11. She was then hysterical, complaining of ear ache, after using Google, we realised this was common after a cold, so Calpol it was, and cuddles downstairs with Daddy until she finally calmed down at 1. Seriously thought it would be a trip to the drs this morning, but she has seemed to wake with out any problems.
Today was dentist day, whilst getting ready, J decided she was suddenly tired, she wouldn't sleep, but would scream at everything and anything.... today would be a long day. Whilst at the dentist, she was good as gold, S on the other hand wouldn't open her mouth, but under the bribe of a sticker, she finally did, but refused to let the dentist in, but he confirmed we still have 4 more teeth to come.... oh great!
After the dentist, and in the mood J was in, we didn't want to return home straight away, both girls are generally better when out and about, and a bit of fresh air, usually helps them crash out. So we headed back to Pennington Flash for more duck feeding and a small walk. Would have done a longer walk but J seriously wouldn't have lasted.
A quick stop off at Lidl for some cheap loaves of bread, (just a couple of slices wouldn't have done today, the ducks and swans were very hungry) The geese were snatching bread out of S's hand again, and J being in the irritable mood, was nervous of them and stayed close to Daddy M.

Geese taking it from S's hand
Just after this picture, the swan went for S's hair!
 The swans even thought S's hair looked yummy, and had ago at that, and just as J dropped the last piece of bread, another swan went for her empty fingers, resulting in some tears. So if you want to feed very hungry ducks, Pennington is the place to go.
After the ducks, we had to do the compulsory map reading for the girls. And we showed Daddy M the route we were going to take, compared to the longer route Mummy wanted to do.
The girls had their bikes, and started off, but just out of sight of the car, they both realised they wanted to walk today instead, leaving mummy and daddy to carry and push a very noisy trike and bike around.

We also had the compulsory stick collection going as well. And as the girls didn't want their wellies on today, they decided to splash the puddles with the sticks instead.
The walk we did had bird hides dotted around, so it was also necessary that we went in every empty one for the girls to explore. Unfortunately, we didn't see any unusual birds.
The end of the walk finished at the park, so we had another go, as it wasn't raining this time. The slide was still very wet, so the girls stuck with the swings, roundabout and see-saw.

The result wasn't what we were expecting. J still hasn't napped, but S has napped a whopping 2 hours. (This is the tot that's trying to cut her naps out) J isn't as irritable as she was before the walk, but it shall be very early nights for all of us.
The rest of the afternoon was filled with watching films and sleepy cuddles, with myself being used as a pillow,



  1. That looks like a lovely walk ! Although those swans were all over you guys ! Id have been gome I dont like them lol ! Charlie my four year old is ovrr dramatic about everything all he has to do is fall over and he saya is their blood ! It wont have been a big fall lol :-p

    Nice post and great blog !

    1. Thank you, I love the ducks and swans, but they have sharp beaks... we may have to go elsewhere as they are getting aggressive now. :-(


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