Monday, 3 March 2014

Dancer in the making

We finally have success.... YIPPEE!!!!

Little J started dancing just before her 3rd birthday, doing a mixed class of ballet and tap, it was a fairly strict class, strict uniform, and no talking over teachers etc, but J loved it, when we moved away 10 months later, she was sad to leave. Here is a sneak peek at one of her lessons, as you can see she loved it... and made the dances her own....

We sorted a few trial lessons out when we first moved, with various dance classes, but some we found too babyish, some were more games rather than dancing, and others had about 5 children in and not much structure. So when a parent at nursery mentioned another dance school which I hadn't looked into, I had to go along for a trial, and even better S could have a go as well.
We went along, and it was a big class, that's a good sign, and J got straight back into it. S on the other hand, loved the big hall, lots of kids, mirrors and music, and just ran around in the opposite direction screeching at the top of her voice! Another 3-6months maybe for little S? Now we have finally found another class that Mummy M approves of, its time to get the uniform again so she matches her class mates. Let the shopping for cute girlie costumes commence...
After speaking to the management, we were told about a membership scheme, £15 a month, and your entitled to all the primary classes.... 3 of them in total a week, for the month. Result!! J has since trialled the street dance class, which we personally wouldn't have paid for her to go to, but as its included, we thought we would try it, and J loved it, but prefers the "pretty" dancing, which I think she means ballet. I asked her to show me some of the moves she has learnt, and here is some of the poses..

The other class is a drama class, so we will see how she gets on with the two dancing classes with her tiredness and attitude, and if we think she is able to do it, will trial that too... So we have gone from no extra curricular activities, to two a week possibly 3... next stop... swimming, we are on the waiting list, but its an 8 month waiting list here, so we think its probably 5-6 for us left to wait. Then Rainbows when she starts school in September... I think she will love that group just as much!

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