Sunday, 30 March 2014

Day One of hols.... play day with cousins

Saturday was our first full day of the holiday. We decided very early on in the planning, that we would spend it with my sister L and her family, as it was the only mutual convenient day. We discussed many options to fill the day, but when the day came, it was forecasted showers. We opted for a play in the new forest at Boltons Bench in Lyndhurst, followed by lunch at the tea rooms, then for the kids to explore the New Forest Museum when the rain was forecasted. My sister is a blogger, and you can read her blog about the day here.
When we arrived at the car park, the girls were thrilled to see the ponies roaming free. Their cousins O and L have been brought up around the forest, so it was nothing new to them, but for J especially it was magical, and a good 10minutes was spent having strokes and explaining to stay away from the back legs.

After seeing the ponies, we headed for the tree at the top of the hill, but not without a quick stop at the map. After crossing the road, we let the kids race up.
Where are we?

The race is on.

At the top, S then proceeded to run down the other side in the search for more ponies.

O brought his remote control car, and all the kids had great fun running after it, and they all took turns in who was in control, it was great fun watching the kids burn off the energy up and down the hill.

Just having a little break!

They even had a quick game of hide and Seek. O is much better than J and S, there is 3 hidden in this photo!

Found you!
 On returning to the cars to head off for lunch, the ponies fancied a nosey in Auntie L's car.

We had lunch at the Lyndhurst tea rooms, and the girls had cake for pudding. The staff were more then happy to split the "princess cake" (Red velvet cake) in two so the girls could share with no arguments. The cakes were worth saving some space for... delicious.

We then headed off to the museum. Daddy M was very bored here, but the girls enjoyed being hands on.

After the museum, the sun was still out, so we decided to risk it, and let the kids run free again, so we all headed for a small circular walk in Totton, very close to where we used to live as young kids. J had her balance bike, and S decided to walk so she could go in puddles, O took his scooter, and L was napping for some of the walk. Auntie L brought some bread for the ducks, and we taught the kids how to play poo sticks.

After our walk, the day was almost gone. All the children were tired, and so we headed off for one last stop as a treat, something I did with my parents. Headed to "Sweet thoughts" an old traditional style sweet shop, the exact same one we visited as kids. It was very busy, and we only just squeezed into the small shop. The children were allowed to pick their own, under supervision. And mummy and daddy got some too.

It was a perfect end to a lovely day. The cousins don't see much of each other of the year, due to the 260+ miles between them, but days like today, sure helps them bond. There were no arguments or tantrums the whole day, by any of the kids, considering their ages (4,4,2, and 1) so they must have enjoyed themselves too.
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  1. Wow a day packed with activities, fun and adventure with family - wonderful! I can see from the lovely photos that the sun made an appearance and the children had a fantastic time together in the beautiful New Forest. Happy Mothers Day and thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. This is what I am missing from home> relatives to play with or at least my son to mingle with. I grew up to a big extended family on both sides. I probably have 30 cousins of different age group. Here in the UK it is only me and my son and it feels lonely. Nice post you got here =) #countrykids


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