Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Flipping Tuesday! :-)

Today being shrove Tuesday, we had to have pancakes. The girls had the shop brought thicker pancakes for breakfast, and I believe J had some at nursery for snack time too. And then we had pancakes for pudding too, homemade of course, by J. We got to work after nursery, so it had time to settle whilst eating dinner. We used this recipe, for a traditional pancake.
225g plain flour, 2 eggs, 2 tsp butter and 600 ml milk

Something went a bit wrong with the batter, as it started forming large lumps rather than smooth batter, so we just added the rest of the milk, and whisked with the electric blender....phew it was saved!
We then got the topping ready to make a conveyor belt, we had pancake syrup, toffee sauce for ice cream, nutella and banana and lemon and sugar.
 J stood and watched the first one being made, but as the frying pan is heavy, decided against her flipping one this year... maybe next year!
 They were a success!
J's first pancake had toffee syrup and nutella on... very sickly, she was very proud of it, and ate about a 1/4 before realising it was too sickly and decided for a traditional lemon and sugar with a little bit of toffee!

 S's pancake had toffee and banana... and she managed about 2/3 of her pancake. A success for the small eater S.
The best bit of course was the competition between mummy m and daddy m in flipping the pancakes... here is some clips of flipping in motion.
Daddy M's skills
Mummy M's skills
This years pancake day is a success.... yummy recipe, although a bit lumpy, (couldn't tell once cooked). Girlies ate some proper English pancakes, and we didn't set the smoke alarm off like the previous few years. J enjoyed getting involved, and S enjoyed dipping into the flour, expecting cake mixture.

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