Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Giddy Kidz fun!

Our local soft play area is free on a Wednesday afternoon, and it so happens its J's 1/2 day in nursery too. So after nursery today, we headed down to Giddy Kidz with a few of J's nursery friends.
We had lunch before going, so I just ordered a coffee.... it was like a boat.... perfect, as I had a restless night with J the night before due to her cold keeping her awake, and then her up early as the morning sun is coming up earlier.
Just a small coffee...
 Last time we went to Giddy Kidz J got very upset, as she is a nervous child, she didn't like the jumps down from the higher levels, (like large steps you need to climb up) and we had a few screaming fits, which was a nightmare due to having some, every way up to the big slide. Today however, she managed to go up, over and over again, by herself and her nursery friends. Very proud mummy, at seeing how well she has come on in just a few weeks with her confidence.

S just liked pottering around the tables and chairs with random toys,

And liked hurding up the space hopper reindeers for herself.

S also enjoyed the smaller ball pit, which is tiny, but perfect for the really tiny tots, but there were about 5 kids squeezed in at one point, which resulted in kicks and tickles by all of them. And J played it safe in the larger ball pit...

I went up with the girls several times, mainly because S cant climb the steps/climbing frame by herself as she is a little "dink", S got through what I can only describe as car wash rollers with ease... however, I was not so graceful... thankfully no picture of that one....
The slide was super fast today, all the leggings and tights from all the children had polished it up. My first go, had S and J held on each hand, S had done a complete 360 turn whilst going down and ended up going down ear first on her side, she didn't go down again by herself, preferring to go on my lap. J on the other hand was loving it, she couldn't even wait for the children at the bottom of the slide to stop climbing it... Here is a video, the little girl was ok after a little cuddle with her mum, but I've been told it should be on "you've been framed" Sorry little girl.... naughty J for not waiting.
As both girls had an enjoyable time at Giddy Kidz, actually played with the other children, and making use of the apparatus, I did something that will probably haunt me for the next few visits, I let them have a flashing ring from one of the vending machines... why does every kids soft play area have those machines that the kids just pester for?? I'm normally really good for pester power and say no, but both girls are into their rings at the moment...
We now have two very tired girls, and hoping for a better nights sleep. Thank you Giddy Kidz for the free play today. 

Ethans EscapadesLinking up with Ethans Escapades as J has mastered soft play independently!


  1. I can't believe how fast she was going! Glad the little girl was ok x

  2. Seems like you had fun and i'm glad little one was ok :) x

  3. Soft play places are fantastic for little ones to burn off energy. I think all children take a while to get used to them as they can be very noisy busy places. I think Ethan has also finally mastered our local one.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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