Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Just an average Tuesday in the M household.

Nothing out the ordinary happened today. We woke up, got ready to take J to nursery in the usual morning routine, and then headed around to a good friends house for S and her little girl to play, and so us mummies could have a good catch up, and a brew. She then made S and her little girl some lunch, so S could go straight to bed for her nap when we got home. She has started napping again, which is fantastic, and she blessed me with 3 hours yesterday.
After J returned from nursery, we headed out into the garden so Daddy could cook. Yes, he offered so I could try and recover from my bad head cold/rhinitis flare up. :-) It was a bit chilly this afternoon, as our garden was in the shade at this time of day, but J soon got warmed up on the trampoline. She's improving her co-ordination, and can now do star jumps on it, which she couldn't do last year.

The girls then helped to water the new flowers they planted on Sunday.

It was then getting too cold, so we headed inside, and J asked Daddy M if she could help cook dinner. As he was cooking curry, and the girls have been unsure if they like it in the past, he agreed, hoping that if she helped make it, she would eat it...
That was not the case, she tried a mouthful (from the pan) and immediately said she didn't like it, in her hissy fit way, so after a quick juice to wash away the taste, we offered S some, who wanted more, this then prompted J to say she likes it now, and wanted another mouthful... so we did, Mmmm....another mouthful later, another hissy fit, with drool everywhere.... sandwich it would be for her dinner then. We dished up S hers, and she dug in, enjoying it, until she came across a cardamom pod, which resulted in her pushing her dinner away, (Silly daddy, forgot to find and remove them) So S ended up with sandwiches too.
I really enjoyed my curry though, so thank you daddy M. But maybe next time we do the girls something different.
Whilst daddy and J were cooking, and I was resting, S had snuck in her sand bucket, and decided to make the hallway a beach...
Why do kids always cause mischief when your not well?
Thankfully it was soon bedtime as the girls behaviours started deteriorating. With freshly washed bedding and the bed toys rearranged neatly, S went off to bed very happily indeed...
Spot the S
And J is very insistent she has all her barbies with her before bed, when we check in on her at night, they are all tucked under her bed with her, and we have to move them allowing her to move in her sleep comfortably... here is her bedtime collection, if we remove even 1, she knows the exact one, and pesters until she is back where she belongs.
J's bedtime toys
They have unfortunately been confiscated tonight now, as since I started writing this blog, we have had more bad behaviour, but that is a memory I would like to forget, so I'm not going to go into detail here. But one day, she will look back and remember the night her barbies went away. And that mummy and daddy are THE BOSS!! (don't you just love 4.5year olds)


  1. Awwwww lovely u r such a lovely mummy and the girls are gorgous xx

  2. Thank you, it is nice to hear on a day like today when J has been pushing her boundaries, we try our best. And yes they are gorgeous, but then again, I am biased. :-)
    Thank you for reading.


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