Friday, 14 March 2014

... Moving on.....

We moved to Warrington just over 5 years ago now, it was the place we decided to settle down in, when deciding to move to the north west, but in the past 5 years, we lived in Warrington town, (studio flat) Golborne (a little village-ey place - 3 bed house) Wigan (large 4 bed house) and then back to Warrington. I've always had a yearning to return back to Warrington, thinking it was my northern home (I'm a southern lass!) but after returning back in June, I haven't been happy here.
Our current home is the biggest one we have had yet, on a nice-ish estate and with 20min walk to town centre, but its also very close to a landfill site, a local refuse site and a sewage works. Yep, we didn't do our research. Thankfully we are just renting, and can move on easily enough. Which we have decided to do. Its not the easiest decision with J starting school in September, and the deadline in already for the school choices. (And that was the reason why we moved here from our last home).But we don't want to bring the girls up here.

We had a few houses we liked in a nicer area in Warrington, and some in slightly more rural village areas, but would mean downsizing considerably to be in a better area. Today we did our research in the village areas we have been told about. And I'm in love. We have made a mutual decision now that downsizing it will have to be.
Our first stop on the research trail lead us to the house we have a viewing for on Monday, its ALOT smaller than our current house, but on a small estate of about 20-30 houses right opposite a lake in a small village. Perfect, we just need to see if we can cope with a house THAT small, for the same price we are paying now for a 6bed house. (it sounds bigger than it actually is). After looking at the estate and outside the house, we popped to the lake for our picnic lunch, and fed the ducks and swans the girls crusts. How ideal will this be?
Look Daddy another map!!
After a little drive around, we found the other house in the village that's to rent as well, so a quick call to the agent to see if it was still available, lead to good news. This house seemed more our size, even if it is downsizing. It wont have the views, but still within the small village, but the waiting game now is on until the tenant is back to show us the property. All of us are secretly pinning our hopes on that house.
We then headed into the nearest town to explore, and to visit the estate agents to see if they had anymore properties similar. What a beautiful town centre that has a canal running through? The girls loved seeing the boats and ducks again.
It was then back into the car, to explore another small town 20miles down the road, which is a push for daddy's commute, but another house we liked was there.
We were glad we done that drive, as we have decided even though the house is lovely, and very grand, the area wasn't. I'm not a house snob, or area snob, but we want to find an area we want to raise the girls and call home, whilst we do the saving game for a deposit, I also need to feel safe when Daddy works away, or if we are walking back from school or the shops at dusk.
So today was mostly in the car, with no inside of houses actually seen in person, but we have realised that we want to be in the countryside, but not too rural. My heart has fallen for our first village today set in rolling hills. And lots of seasonal flowers.
The local schools are all fantastic, but we cant set the ball rolling on that one until we have signed on a dotted line, but on which house?? I can see an anxious wait for next week happening, and major de-cluttering to happen in the mean time.
Would you prefer to live in the country or the towns?? And Why?
I grew up very close to the new forest and the golden sands of Bournemouth and Sandbanks beach, so I was very spoilt growing up with the picturesque views, in the outskirts of large towns, is that why I don't like living so close to the towns? Do I want the community feel?

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