Saturday, 8 March 2014

Muddy Puddles Saturday

Today was meant to have been glorious sunshine, but we just had lots of cloud, and a cold wind. But with the weather forecast, we planned on a walk with Grandma and Grandad M with a nice dinner after. We waited until after lunch hoping it would warm up, but it didn't, so we headed out all wrapped up back to the 3 sisters country park.
We started with feeding the ducks, and brought 3 loaves with us this time, as they have been so hungry recently, but with it being a Saturday, others had the same thing in mind, and S soon got bored of feeding them, and enjoyed chasing them.

We then headed out for a walk hoping to get the long walk done, and encouraging J to jump in the puddles now she has her waterproofs. She was very hesitant as she got so cold and wet last time, but after the first splash she was then non-stoppable. And enjoying every splash.

Knee deep!


J trying to splash Daddy M
We then started playing hide and seek, its great fun with lots of trees to hide behind, and with the girls being so young, its just stand behind a tree and hear the laughs....
The girls hiding places...

S finding J, but trying to get over the small trench...

Daddy M hiding...

Found you...!!!

Now where is Grandma M, can you see her? she is there...

The girls also loves to see and stroke the dogs on our walks, and todays beauty was Bella, and the owners were very kind to let the girls have a little cuddle before she went off in the field.

J then needed the loo, but with the toilets back at the car park we had to make a make-shift loo with my arms.

 It was then time to start heading back to he car park.

S then decided she had enough, and wanted to get back in the buggy.

Then it was time for ice cream....

Another great day was had by all, and the waterproofs certainly came in handy as both girls remained dry, despite all the splashing, and looks of shock by passers by!

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  1. Brilliant puddle jumping although I think the girls need to realise that pink is not he best camouflage colour!

    1. They are so girlie... pink is the only colour they like to wear! Makes my job easier when they get better at hiding... teehee!! At least they are not too girlie and like to get muddy though! :-)

  2. The wonder of waterproofs and wellies - they are able to protect children for hours of great fun and games! It looks like you all had a wonderful family time at the park with lots of laughter and games. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

    1. Thank you, I was amazed considering how deep she went, and still dry! Glad we went for a decent brand. We did have so much fun.

  3. That was a deep puddle! I can't wait to take my little one on adventures like this x


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