Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Our new start??

Today we had a viewing on another house. We had to take both girls along due to the time, and it was bedtime for S... was this a recipe for disaster? Thankfully not!
The house wasn't our first choice originally out of the 2 that we were hoping to see today and tomorrow, but for one reason or another, everything keeps leading us to this house. To start with the viewing on the 2nd property isn't going to happen, as the tenant hasn't got back to the estate agent, and they have also extended their let by another month, not good signs for us, as we go away on Friday. Also once thinking long and hard, I think it was just too rural for us, for now. That village didn't have the little butchers or corner shop if you run out of milk. It didn't have a school either, so I would have to drive the school run, one of my pet hates, is having to do the school run in the car. I don't want my girls becoming dependant on the car, and I hate parallel parking! Also if it snows, the roads are most likely not to be gritted, which would cause mayhem for hubby and his work.
This house we saw today, is still in a quiet village, but a slightly bigger village , along side an A road, so its most likely to be gritted, which leads to the major motorways. Schools are very local, and they have 2 rows of little shops. Its also only 4 miles from the nearest town. Perfect.
On first looks, the house is enormous, it has 4 reception rooms including a conservatory, a utility room, a double garage which can be entered internally. As you go upstairs it has 3 double rooms and a big single. Perfect for us as hubby still gets his study away from the hustle and bustle of family life, and the girls don't have to share. Downside is we wont have a spare room. We are thinking about giving J a double bed though, as her single is broken and then we don't have to get rid of our spare bed, then when we have the occasional guest, they can take her bed, and she can share with S whilst the guests are staying. Hopefully, this will work as its not often we have guests, but I would hate to turn them away.
Downside is the garden is slightly smaller than what we have here, but not small enough to complain, and the house is carpeted, again, no biggy as we do have a carpet cleaner.
However, we are now in for an anxious overnight wait, as the tenant let slip that she had 2 other viewings this week, and as the estate agent was closed, we couldn't give the thumbs up, so we will be down the estate agents first thing waiting, we really don't want this one to slip through the net, or even worse to be told, it went today and they didn't tell us. I would be devastated as our back up house went on Tuesday. And we would be back to square one.
Please keep everything crossed for us!

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