Monday, 17 March 2014

Still searching.....

Today was the day we went to see the house in the beautiful village I fell in love with on Friday. We dropped J off at nursery and took S along for the exploring. The house was beautiful, a little bit more "dated" then we are used to, but the rooms were big enough for what we needed. If the girls shared a room, we could still have a study for hubby's hopefully up and coming promotion, a toy room, sitting room and a dining room. Great. BUT it had one down fall... the kitchen... it was tiny, it was so small the fridge was in the dining room. If we put a toaster and a kettle on the work top, there would be no space to prep food. (We do a lot of cooking from scratch, and baking!) This would not do. Sorry beautiful views of the lake.
We agreed to another viewing of a property as the estate agent recommended it. We were amazed by the layout, it was huge downstairs. The lounge was big enough to fit our HUGE "L-shaped" settee, it then also had a kitchen, with built in microwave to save space on the worktops, a room just off the kitchen, but not actually divided, with a real log burner, which then went onto the conservatory. On the other side of the kitchen led to the garage, where part of it had been converted to a downstairs toilet, and a big utility room with a lot of space for toy storage. But again the girls would have to share a room so hubby would have his quiet space to study. The downside to this gorgeous house was the area, not even 1/2 a mile down the road we were into a big council estate, its not the country, village-y lifestyle we are seeking.
On our way back home we got a call from an estate agent we phoned last week about a property that wouldn't accept pets, asking if that's a definitive NO. We got lucky, the owner is happy for cats to be in the property, woohoo. Quick drive to the village has made it another very strong contender, so a viewing is also booked in for this. Its a larger village then the house we are hoping to view on Thursday, having 2 primary schools in it, and 2 rows of shops to include a butchers, bakers and a green grocers, perfect. Its also just of a major road for hubby's commute to work.
So the 2 houses for the end of the week are both 4 beds, so we are keeping everything crossed that the downstairs space will be big enough for our chunky furniture and 2 young girlies. If these aren't up to our expectations, we may have to put moving on hold for a few more weeks until hubby is back off work and available for viewings.
S loved exploring other peoples houses just as much as me, however one of the houses really was not child proof with ornaments EVERYWHERE, thankfully they all stayed intact, but she didn't like leaving either house.
J asked if a house we parked outside for dancing, was our new house. Was it such a wise idea keeping a 4 year old in the loop? She hasn't been happy in our home now since we arrived, always asking to go back to our old house, even 10months later. We have made her room hers with wall stickers and curtains etc, but she just doesn't get that "home" feeling. IS this normal? She moved to the previous house when she was 14months, so its all she really remembered, is that why? or is she picking up that I have not been happy here?

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  1. It's funny, isn't it, how some places just don't feel like home? We walked into our (now) house, very tired at the end of a frustrating day of house-hunting and just knew that at least this house was a home....which certainly helped our decision to buy. Amused that S. loved house hunting - ours made themselves so at home in one place that we caught them bouncing on one of the upstairs beds.......:-0 !


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