Tuesday, 18 March 2014

...why wont they listen....

Why wont they listen? In they I mean the NHS. It seems like its a constant battle for one thing or another with both girls and myself. S is about her kidneys, it took 5 months and constant trips to drs and A+E for them to realise she had a serious condition, that if it wasn't spotted (should have been spotted at the 20wk scan pre-birth) she could have ended up with a kidney transplant. Thankfully, I wouldn't take, "she's just a baby, and its colic", and fought her ground. Now it seems like I'm having to do the same AGAIN for J, yet again.
J has always had very waxy ears, we have no idea why, but hers seems to be very dark, thick and sticky. When she was 18months old, a dr mentioned she had a lot, so prescribed drops to soften it, and sent us home, no re-assessment, nothing, and with her being our first, we thought nothing about following it up. Until she started having speech problems. She got diagnosed with consonants deletion.  Where she misses the end of words off, and she also inputs D and B a lot at the beginning of words. With speech therapy, they automatically send you off for hearing tests, which picked up that the ear drum wasn't vibrating how it should, and rather then do anything about it, just sent us away, and come back again in 6months for a re-assessment, this continued for about another 18months, when I started to put up a fuss. (I had built up a lack of confidence in the NHS at this point due to S condition being found out).
This resulted in J having an assessment with an ENT consultant, and having the wax sucked out there and then. Brilliant. The next hearing test, she passed, and we were taken off the register. Her speech slowly started improving, no thanks to Warrington (we just moved to the area) speech therapists, who have not wanted to see her. She was being seen every 2 weeks by a speech therapist in Wigan. I just really wished I had kept on their books rather than transferring. (We are still having that battle with them now, about Warrington seeing her).
In February, I noticed her speech deteriorating again, and mentioned it to the nursery staff, who were thinking the same. Another appointment to see her gp, and we were referred to another ENT to reassess. We said we were happy to travel to get a quicker appointment, and we were seen today.
J had another hearing test, where they put headphones over her ears and get her to listen to different frequencies and clap when she hears something. She loved this as she thought it was a game, she got every frequency, which I knew she would, she always has. She also looked super cute, and I was allowed to get a quick snap.
The next step in the hearing test process, is where they send vibrations to the eardrum, and see how it reacts. This is the part that came back negative, just like all those times before. Thankfully the nurse told me when I asked her, as the ENT dr, didn't want to discuss this, and just fobbed me off, with she is a young child, she is still growing, this is common.
If I hadn't known all her history, which he knew as he  had her notes, and I told him, I could understand, but this is the 2nd time now we have had this build up that has affected this. Although her hearing is ok, it will come out muffled, like if you are in a bath. This could explain some of her frustration tantrums lately?
But thanks to this dr, nothing is being done. Thankfully she has another hearing test booked in locally due to the health visitor reffering her due to my concerns, so will be happy to have a 2nd opinion.
Why is it so hard to get our children looked after properly by the NHS.

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