Saturday, 15 March 2014

Windy Park fun.

Today the weather has changed again. Its not raining, but the temperature has really dropped and the wind has picked up, so much its blown the bins over again. Due to all our bugs recently, we decided to stay cosy indoors, and allow mummy to catch up on the cleaning, and cutting the grass (the first of the year, and it needed it!).
Mid afternoon S started getting bored, so we decided to go to the estate park, its only small, but big enough for 10-15minutes and its just around the corner. J took her balance bike, and we tried S on her motorised quad/trike bike thing, but she doesn't like it outside, so she opted to just walk instead.

Its a nice walk to the park, along a wide path next to the river, so its safe for the girls to go ahead. J scooted off really quick, leaving S running behind. 

We soon got to the park. J went straight over to the swings, and S went for the climbing frame. J is too big for the baby swing really, but she likes that she can go really high, and still feel safe. We are trying to teach her how to use her legs to swing herself, here is a video, a bit boring, but it captures her little giggle. One of the little things I will miss when she has all grown up, so its a little memory captured.
She then asked to go on the bigger swings, which I was very happy about, as she is just getting so tall now.
After the swings, J mentioned hide and seek, before we could say anything S went running to hide, can you see her?
It was a very quick game, as there isn't many places you can hide, so a few quick goes on the slide and climbing frame, and then it was time to go home again. It certainly blew the cobwebs away.

Once we were home, J did a first, she wrapped one of her barbies up in her fleece, and started acting like a mummy and a baby. She has numerous dollies, but not really shown much interest, but she is a HUGE barbie fan, so it was very sweet to see, a nice end to a chilled (for the girls) but busy day for me.


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