Sunday, 6 April 2014

Holiday day 2: Corfe Castle

Whilst we were on our jollies down South, we decided to take the girls to see Corfe Castle. J loves her castles as she's always pretending to be a princess, and we were unsure how S would be, as last time we visited one she was a baby in arms.
We was undecided if we were going to go in the grounds until we got there, and decided on the girls reaction if we would pay. Which we did. As the girls were under 5, they went in free, and it was just under £20 for daddy an I to go in. As it was our days activity, we didn't mind paying that.
But our adventure started on our journey from Poole to Corfe, as we decided to take the sandbanks chainlink ferry across. J was very excited, until she reaised she couldn't get out the car, as the cars were so tightly packed, we would have struggled to get S back in after, and we cant let one out without the other.
 The scenery was stunning on our way, and I really wanted to stop off at the beach first, but the rain was forecasted, so we headed to the castle to try and get it in before the rain came.
Once we had parked up, J decided she needed a loo break, so we headed off to the visitor centre, which then lead us onto the safe trail to the castle entrance away from the roads, so we could let the girls run, explore, and climb. Both girls loved finding the information posts, and found it funny that the residents of the castle, used to have their toilets run down the hill, and into the stream below.

 They were also very interested in the castle ruins, which is why we decided to pay to go in.

 The nature trail on the way, was so beautiful we stopped for a few family photos, and a very kind passer by offered to take one of all 4 of us. This never happens, so I treasure these photos.

The M family. MARCH 2014

 The girls even found their knight in shinning armour.
 They were so excited, they could not wait.

 When we entered, the children could do a quiz, which included brass rubbings, and finding 6 or 8 posts which will have the relevant answers on, and then they could claim a medal at the end. J loved this, and kept running on to the next post. She struggled with the brass rubbings though, and think a crayon may have been easier then a pencil.

 As you can see in the photos, the showers were creeping in, and the girls still had lots to explore.

 Even a quick game of hide and seek from Daddy.

 Look Daddy... I can see the car...
 We had a little sprinkle of a shower, so hid in an arch for a minute, whilst it passed, thankfully the main rain missed us, so we could carry on exploring.
 S couldn't do the brass rubbings so Mummy had to do them, this one over looks the pretty village of Corfe.

 The girls tried pushing the half fallen down wall over... but failed. Don't know what they would have done if it did move though!
 Once the shower had passed, we had clear blue skies.
 On the way down, we saw a few children rolling down the hill. I don't think our girls had ever done that before, so I asked J to do it, and she didn't know what to do. So.... I showed her!! Wow!! I forgot how dizzy you get, and the uncontrolled feeling when you cant stop. Thankfully I only had to do it the once, to get J to do it properly. S decided she'd rather run off instead.

 We handed the quiz back in, and the girls got their medals.
 All in all... it was a lovely few hours away from the hustle and bustle, fresh air, and beautiful scenery. We have got some amazing photos, with thanks to Daddy M for taking over the camera. And all what was needed was a nice drink...
S decided on a milkshake... almost the size of her!

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  1. This place looks like it makes an amazing day out and the girls looked like they loved it. I used to love rolling down hills when I was little, I think we need to find somewhere to show Ethan this game. So glad the rain wasn't that bad for you and that you got a great family photos.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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