Saturday, 12 April 2014

Easter Holidays - ice cream making!

Tuesday on the Easter holidays, we visited Grandma, as J wanted to see her, and she wasn't working, which was great. Grandma had promised J ice cream when she next went over, so J got to make her very own strawberry frozen yoghurt/ice cream. Even better was its free on slimming world. (mummy is attempting to do the diet, but seems to be having more bad days then good days).
To start with, J washed the strawberries... any way we can get fruit into the girls is a bonus!
 Then J scooped 2 muller lights and some greek yoghurt into the tin, whilst Grandma chopped the strawberries.
 She is concentrating so hard.
 ... and remembering the best bit of cooking is the licking of the spoon!
 Grandma popped the berries in, with a look of disgust from J.
 And popped it into Grandmas new ice cream gadget.

 We waited 30minutes whilst it did its job whilst us grownups had a coffee and played 'scaredy cat' with the girls (their favourite game at the moment), then it was time for a cone. Thumbs up all around. Thank you Grandma.

J loves anything to do with cooking, and really enjoys getting stuck in.

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