Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter... Past, and Present... but still chocoholics!!

This year Easter was organised the night before. We did something different this time around. In the past we have done a hunt for all of the girls eggs. But this year we decided to lay the chocolate they got from family, out for them ready and waiting for first thing. But we kept a few smaller chocolates to one side for a hunt in the garden when it got a bit later. This is what they came down too...

As you can imagine from any 2 and 4 year old, we got a WOW... and jumping up and down, followed by, can we have some now? Of course, I let them have one. S chose a chocolate bunny, and J chose her princess egg. Once S had opened and taken a bite from hers, she wanted to open another. Which I said no too, but whilst I was making my morning brew, she took it upon herself to let herself into another bunny.


J's favourite egg this year, is one she picked herself with her great great grandmas Easter money. She happily ate the butterfly on it, then left the rest temptingly sat there in a bowl... so mummy got a bit of an Easter egg too.
Before the girls had too much chocolate, we wanted them to eat something more substantial, so it had to be the traditional dippy eggs and soldiers...  what else at Easter? We had the hot cross buns the day before.

After we were all up, washed and dressed, it was time for the hunting. The girls were looking for where they were from the glass windows. So when they were allowed out, they were off like a shot.


J then couldn't find 3 of the last chocolates, so then the hints came... if you were to go for a drive, what would you go in? What was the plant that Daddy brought mummy for her birthday? And if you were to water the garden, what would you need...
You could tell she was excited... just look at the grin... her response was 'Easter bunny' or 'Chocolate' but when I repeated and told her to listen, she got there and got rewarded... then showed S where the last ones were... the hints made it more interesting, so may expand on them next year...

 After the hunting, we let them burn off some of the morning chocolate session by bouncing... they needed it, it was cold today. And may be the last time before the trampoline gets packed up ready for the house move next weekend.
 As the egg from this morning, still remained untouched throughout the day, we took the rest of the chocolate away before S could take a bite from each one. But if they ate their dinner, they got a pick of their hunting chocolates. S didn't even eat a mouthful of dinner, but J ate just enough to warrant pudding. We let her choose, and didn't give a limit, just stop when you are full... they all went... all 10 chocolates... let the chocolate hype start just before bed....

It has made me think though, that even though J is just 4, we already have a few traditions in our family. Like the egg hunt in the garden. We first started this back in 2011 when J was just about old enough to understand, when her cousins R and J were staying with us. The excitement in the older children made us realise this was going to happen every year for the foreseeable future... here is some pictures of our 'first' chocoholic Easter with children.

Again as you can see by the smiling faces... fun was had by all... but are the smiles just because it involves chocolate?
For some reason, I can not find any photos from Easter 2012, this was S first Easter, so it has me puzzled. This may because the hunt was done indoors, due to rain, or because S was really poorly with her kidneys, and taking photos were the last thing on our mind. However. we do have lots from 2013, including S first cadburys cream egg... and of course the traditional dippy eggs and soldiers, and easter hunt, with the carrier bags... I must invest in nicer baskets.

So, I have learnt from these 3 Easters captured here, clues are a thumbs up for next year, and nicer baskets are needed.

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  1. You can probably pick up some baskets now ready for next year - lovely photos x


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