Thursday, 10 April 2014

from cat poop, to geocaching... bad day, gone good!

Today was meant to have been my admin day for the house move, i.e.: phoning around all the utilities to confirm the house move, as well as more packing, and tidying for a house valuation this afternoon. Grandma M was also visiting for lunch and dinner. This was the plan, but the girlies had other ideas.
Before i was even dressed (actually during getting dressed) S decided she didn't like the litter being in the cat litter tray, and decided to relocate it all over the downstairs, in every single room, including the soiled litter and the poop. ARGH!!! Aren't 2 year olds, just little bundles of joy? After tidying that up, and filtering out the toys she put down the toilet, (yes, she has just learnt to open doors by herself too), i managed to offload the girlies to daddy and Grandma, so I could blitz the upper 2 floors for the viewing. Daddy then nipped out for an appointment, and S decided this mornings litter rearranging was fun, and reattempted. Mummy was so not impressed. That was it, we were going out this afternoon.
Grandma mentioned a new little geocache series had been launched this morning at a nearby dam, so that was it, a plan was made. Daddy was to stay at home as he is not a fan of searching trees for tupperware, plus we needed some one in for the valuation. The girls were looking forward to it, putting wellies on and heading or the door, before we were ready.
Once we had arrived at Lymm Dam J found the map to see where we were to go today, whilst Grandma loaded up her phone for the nearest cache.


 Whilst we were waiting for the phone to sort itself out, the girls started exploring, and came across a very lazy wasp/fly/hover fly that would not move when touched. Very brave!

Any ideas what exactly this is??
 The girls then decided to run off in the opposite direction to what we needed. The phone still wasn't playing ball, so after reading the hint, and looking around the approximate area, there was only one place it could be.
 J and I went hunting, whilst Grandma occupied a very curious S. Can you see the hidden treasure?
 J was very happy at retrieving the first 'treasure' today and claimed a pretty egg ornament as her find. We signed the log, replaced back to where it was hidden, then it was time to find Grandma and S.

S showing off her egg treasure

 Can you find S and Grandma? They are very well hidden in this photo, but they are there!

 S found a stick almost as tall as her, to be her hiking stick.
 And then carried on walking with it all for most of the day.
 The girls also found some trees they could climb around and explore.
 At one point the paths divided into two, S decided to go in the complete opposite direction to the rest of us, and refused to go on the same path.
 Thankfully they linked back up again after... she is so independent, and strong willed, her way seems to be the only way for her, and anything else leads to a melt down.

Yep, I don't have a care In the world...

 At the next spot where the next geocache was, there was also lots of fallen trees, perfect for a bug hunt....


 S was in her element, and claimed 2 slugs for the rest of the walk around,
Then Grandma found the cache.
 Geocaching also has caches which are called earth caches, where you learn things out about the Earth, there is one of these caches at the dam, which relates to the sandstone. The girls loved walking and climbing through the tunnels.

 Until J fell over. She soon got back up again though.

 At the half point mark of the walk, was an ice cream van. Grandma treated us to a huge creamy cone. Which the girls took about an hour to eat, and we just could not pre-empt how messy S would get.
 But it kept them quiet whilst we looked for another cache.
 Yes mummy, I am enjoying making a mess, its called ice cream rain.
 Our last geocache of the day, lead us to underneath a bridge. We encouraged the girls to go under, as J is normally very nervous about new experiences, we didn't think this would happen, but she surprised us by climbing all the way under, on her belly.

 Whilst S decided to go back on top, and try to climb over it.
 Then it was another game of hide and seek.
 And tree bark exploring.

 We came across a huge tree that was cut down, which was a great tree to climb over, and J wanted to balance across it.
 And she even let go of Grandmas hand.
 And ended up jumping off the end, again another great achievement from J, she usually wont jump, and makes us lift her up.
 On leaving the tree stump and log, S refused to leave, resulting in a strop. She is actually screaming into the tree here,
 At the next bridge, J decided she didn't want to use the bridge, and instead wanted to explore the small stream to see if there was any fish.
 She couldn't see any, so decided to walk up stream, in it, to explore further. Unfortunately S had ran off again, so that was short lived.
 S did stop at a carved tree though, and both girls were fascinated by how many creatures were carved into it, and wanted to feel it all. S preferred the fox, and J liked the woodpecker.
 After gaining confidence on the big log, J decided to balance on a thinner, slippery log, she made it from start to end, with just a few slips, and the camera on hand for when she did, Meany mummy.

 ...slipping... progress....

 ...wobble, wobble...
 but she persevered and made it to the end.
 S then wanted to copy, she done the log with help from mummy, then carried on whilst walking back to the car.

 But got frustrated when she slipped off... with a few tears.... bless.
But the plan worked. The 1-2mile walk, tired the cheeky S out, so once back home, all she wanted to do was curl up, and not head for the litter tray or toilet. And headed to bed early.

Ethans EscapadesLinking up, because of the girls improvement in confidence and balance.
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  1. Looks like a lovely day had by all
    and beautiful pictures!x

  2. A good plan to avoid litter littering again =P What a fun day! #countrykids

    1. A stair gate is now back in place to avoid the cat litter incident. :-) It was a great day out thank you.

  3. The walk looks amazing. I love the sandstone tunnels. Good balancing too. I think your beautiful furry bee is a Tawny Mining Bee. #CountryKids

    1. Thank you, it looks like it now I have googled it, thank you.

  4. What fantastic photo's for a great adventure! Whoops to the cat litter! I think I would have cried! #CountryKids

    1. I was very close to the 2nd time around. A strong vodka and coke was needed that night. But we enjoyed the adventure after. thank you

  5. Beautiful pictures. That looks like a great place for exploring.

    1. it was great, if we had more time, we would have stayed longer, but dinner time was calling.

  6. What a very busy day you had. We have had lots of 'we need to get out' moments even though we have so much to do in the house. It looks like the girls had lots of fun.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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