Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Going Ape in Delamere Forest - Review of Go-Ape

Last week we were contacted by tots100, asking if we were interested in trying out the new Junior tree top trail. We jumped at the chance. J had to be over 1 meter or over 6. She is only 4 1/2 but a whopping 109cm already, so she sailed through.
We kept it a secret from her until the morning, and she was very excited. Daddy M managed to get back from work, just in time, and Auntie K watched S for us, just in case daddy wasn't back in time.
We headed to Delamere Forest, and parked up. After finally finding go-ape (we parked in the over-flow car park, so missed the obvious railway bridge), we were all set to go. Daddy watched from below, to take the photos, whilst I conqured up enough strength to go up and face my fear of heights, without letting it be shown to J. Well I hope she didn't see the fear.
The staff were fantastic, and made sure J was securely fastened into her harness, and they even got a spanner out to tighten it.
 J all suited and booted for the tree top trail.

With the junior trail, they are clipped on from the ground, and only come off, when back on the ground, so once you are on the trail, you are all set to go, and follow the wire along. Everyone starts off with course 1, where there is hand guide, which I was certainly happy about, and so was J. J decided to go in front, so she could be the leader. That way, I had to follow!
J showed no fear, as she stepped onto the first floating platforms.
 J needed assistance with the harness safety rope in some places, as they stuck slightly if they weren't straight. But apart from that, she was very confident.

 Mummy, on the other hand was a bit wobbly, and preferring to do the sections with only mummy on them to stop the shaking, Which J also preferred, thankfully.
 After the 2nd section, was the cargo net. J loved doing this part.

 Then the course got slightly trickier. the balancing beams got smaller, and J got a tad nervous, after the first two planks, she was whizzing off again though.

 And the rope ladder. Mummy was a little worried if the planks were too far apart, but I need not have worried.

 ....and then the noughts and crosses section. It was funny to watch J do this part as she would walk along the X and place her feet wonky to match the angles. Mummy just stepped wider and stood on the middle of the X which made it really wobble.

 Then the planks started zig zagging, and further away from the hand rope. All J's practicing on the logs had paid off.

 And then......THE ZIP WIRE.... this was the part J said she didn't like the look off when I showed her the video on the website. But it was the end, and the member of staff was extremely helpful at showing her what to do, and very encouraging, he gave her a little helping hand off as she was hesitant at jumping, but he did the count, and then helped her harness whizz off, and she happily followed with a little short scream...

 When we asked J if she like the zip wire, her response....."I have saw dust in my knickers!" But it had a great big thumbs up.

 Then it was mummys turn.... as I said before, I really don't like heights, and my hands had a slight shake to them, and then I was told, I had to jump off a perfectly safe platform?? I did have the option, that they could have taken me off the safety wires, but I thought if J could do it, then I sure could. I started with my eyes shut, and crouched down, and then just leant forward, once I realised I was safe, I gave a big thumbs up as I whizzed down.
 And then landed with a thud!

 After completing the 1st loop, we asked J what she wanted to do. We had the choice to do loop one again, or loop two, which was harder as it had no hand rail, and relied on balance and the harness. Mummy wanted loop 1, but J was adamant loop 2. So off we go. This time J wanted mummy to go first.
 The first obstacle was a balancing beam. A very narrow one, and J asked to hold onto my harness, which was shown on the safety card on arrival. This made balancing extremely difficult, but we made it to the end, of part 1.

 The next part, was very wiggly and wobbly, as it was floating platforms, held up by ropes, so not only did they go from side to side, but also up and down. Again she found these funny, and was able to do them by herself.

Hitting a mental brick wall
 Then she hit a mental brick wall. I'm not sure if she got tired, over stimulated, or just let the fear take over, but as it started to get more stable again, she started crying, and would not move. I was already at the other side of this part when she got upset, so both I and daddy from underneath tried to encourage her, but this was making her more upset. I then walked back over, and we attempted holding hands and doing it together, but half way across, she started crying, so we headed back to the platform behind us. Thankfully there was no one behind us, so this was possible.
 She then crossed the very shaky floating bridge again, without a thought.
 But on the balancing beam, a member of staff had clipped herself on, and came to help as I couldn't go infront due to the harnesses. J wanted to hold onto both our hands instead of the harness, so all 3 of us walked along. It was a shame daddy didn't get that snap.
 Both Daddy and myself, are really proud of J. That she gave it a go, and went as far as she felt she could, and then made it back to the bottom without jumping off. She is only 4, and she is braver then myself. Personally I'm glad I didn't have to do the ladder with no guide rope. She has said she wants to go back again, which I am sure we will, and we will get Daddy to go up, and see if that helps. I did keep my fear hidden, so I know it wasn't rubbed off.

This is the part of the course, J lost ner nerve, would you walk across?? With nothing to balance with apart from you harness?
If you are interested in trying out go-ape you can find more information here. This course would have cost us £17 each today, and we both had a fantastic time. This would give us 1 hour, but we were happy with 45minutes. The thrill, adrenaline and pure self achievement is worth every penny it would have cost.

I was given a free pass for myself and J to try out the junior tree top trail, all the opinions and write up are my own, and my very first official review, If I have missed out any thing essential for a review blog, please let me know, I am still learning. 

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  1. great post. Started looking at GoApe for a stag doo, but now me and the wife want to go. It looks great fun.
    Like you, I'm afraid of heights, but want to challenge myself! Bring It On!

    1. It is great fun. It would be ideal for both stag doo or an adventure date! The adult course is longer and you need to clip yourself on and off. :-) great for adrenaline junkies

  2. Lovely post hun! We went to one quite close to us and had an amazing time too. Are you going to build confidence and go on the adult course, I am in two minds lol x

    1. I don't think I would be able to cope with the adult course just yet. The junior one though is ideal for me though as I know it's all secure and not reliant on me clipping on. I'm such a wuss, daddy m really wants to do it though. :-)

  3. This is a good review actually! Looks like a fab day! #SSAmazingAchievements

  4. I did this in France with all the family, I was terrified but encouraged on by my teens, it is such a fun thing to do when you can get past the height thing. Looks like your daughter did really well and might well want another go. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids

  5. I think you are both so brave, I don't think I would be able to do this. Daddy would be sent up there! It looks like an amazing thing to do and I'm so glad you both enjoyed it.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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