Monday, 7 April 2014

Holiday - Day 4 - BEACH!!!!!

Day 4 of the holiday, was the day after Daddy M's birthday, which was a late night. So nothing big and energetic was on the cards, and Daddy didn't want to leave the caravan for a while. The girls were getting very restless though, and I was getting cabin fever. I also knew that if we wanted to do the beach on this trip, today was the day to do it. So we left daddy behind at the caravan, and wrapped up warm and headed to Alum Chine, which is between Sandbanks and Bournemouth beach.

Dressed for the beach??
 We chose Alum Chine as we were told it had a fab park along the seafront too, so it was the first port of call from the car. J wanted a go on the monkey bars, so I helped her up... this was as far as she got..
J just chilling
 After the monkey bars the girls explored the park

 After a good 15minutes, we left the park and was on the seafront. I cant say it was a sunny day, nor was it raining. We certainly needed our jumpers under our waterproofs and our hats. But the weather wasn't going to stop us having fun.
 J wanted to go into the water, so I had said she could go in, but only up to the top of her wellies.
 S refused to go into the water, and refused to budge from the sand.

 Trying to keep S in one place long enough so J could enjoy the beach was difficult on my own, and this is where Daddy could have came in handy. But after showing her she could draw in the sand, she was happy. (As seen in previous silent Sunday post, she likes scribbling anywhere!)

 I just love the photos with the foamy waves.
 The wind started picking up, which caused bigger waves, which shocked J as the water went up and over her wellies...

 We tried to encourage S again into the water for a little splash, and it was looking promising, until the water got closer.

 S really is not a water baby!
 After coaxing J away from the sea to help keep S happy, the girls found a closed up lifeguard station to explore as it is out of season.
 And then started collecting shells....

 We then moved along to the next stretch of beach, as we had decided to do a little walk, but then decided against it as J's socks were wet, and we didn't want to cause blisters. So the bubbles came out, for some popping fun... Thankfully mummy brought enough bottles as S decided to drop hers into the sand.

 In this picture you can see the bubbles... it was really hard to capture them... I really must learn all my setting on the camera and not just point and shoot.

 After S used all her soloution up, she was then on a mission to get as far away from me as possible... (this is normal for S!) So I got my old beach running in, chasing after her.

After the beach, we brought back some fish and chips to the caravan, so Daddy could enjoy some 'seaside' moments too.

The afternoon took us to take advantage of the sites swimming pool. And this is where I was really amazed. It has a 12ft slide that drops you in the water, and J refused to go on it the previous day, but this day, she did it, not just once, but 12, yes twelve times! (Daddy was catching her at the bottom, as she cant swim yet)
AND... S,,, our non-water baby, was actually happy, smiling and laughing in the pool. We managed to stay in for a full 90minutes before S got too cold. What an improvement in both girls water confidence, in November, in our private pool on holiday, it was impossible to get S into the water.
So Day 4 was another great day, and was full of fun.
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  1. Your girls are wonderful, they clearly adore the outdoors and that beach looks like you were the only ones there. I love the photos of them in the waves there, what a great holiday you are having.


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