Saturday, 5 April 2014

J's Nursery trip to Stockley Farm

This spring J's nursery school trip was to Stockley Farm in Cheshire. Parents were asked to come along with the children, so Daddy stayed at home with S, so I could enjoy some quality time with J. Spring was a great time to attend the farm with all the baby animals.
Attending with the nursery, meant our day was structured with activities perfect for their age range. The farm was closed to the public, and just had 6 trips. With each group having their own member of staff to show them around. Our first activity was a tractor ride to the nature trail walk.
As you can see from the picture J loved the tractor ride, and even more so, when it went over bumps.
J on the tractor ride
Once we were dropped off on the nature trail, the children got to explore the woodland for mini beasts, found and smelt wild garlic, found the badger holes, and felt the difference between barks of different trees, noting how rough the oak trees felt. They also got to feel the remains of sheep fur/wool left on the fence from when they used it as a scratching post.

After the nature trail, we got back on the tractor, to take us back to the farm area. Once there, our group went of to the pet corner, where J was able to hold rabbits and guinne pigs.

And then we got to see the lambs, calf's, and kids. We were also told that the cows only have teeth on the bottom of their mouths, so they cant bite.
Show us your teeth...
We then washed up and had our lunch, before going on to feed the lambs and kids. This was over very quickly as there were a lot of children to go through with 1 bottle for each of the 3 babies.

It was then off to brush the Shetland ponies, and see the horses. J loved this part.
Then it was the smelly part of the farm with the cows and calf's, we were shown the pregnant cows, and found one that had its after birth hanging out her rear end, but couldn't see a baby anywhere, then it was feeding time. J was very nervous feeding the calf's as they were very keen, and when they got the food, our hands were covered in a snotty, mucous mess. Everyone got stuck in, and the huge bucket of pellets were soon gone.
We were then taken to the poly-tunnel where they start to grow some of their plants, as farms don't just have animals. The pre-schoolers got the chance to plant some grass for the rabbits, and all the children had great fun in watering/flooding the newly planted seeds.
After all the farm activities, it was then time to play before the coach journey back to nursery. It was very muddy as it was on/off showers all day. But the children still had great fun.

The ducks came to greet the children in the park

J even plucked up the courage to try the rock climbing wall, and made it to the top.

We both had a great time visiting the farm, and loved being hands on feeding the young animals. It was very well organised for the school trips ensuring every child had a chance at each activity.
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  1. Looks like you both had a fantastic day, it's difficult when you have more than 1 child to get any one-to-one time so I'm pleased you all managed it :) x

    1. I love 1:1 time, it doesn't happen very often, but when it does, I make it special :-)

  2. How great that you were able to go along and have fun with J and the nursery. Spring is a great time with all the new babies arriving on the farm, we've had twin kids born today and lots of new baby lambs too. It's great that the children were able to have a hands on experience and get close to the animals as well. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    1. Aw Congratulations on the twins. :-) The children loved being so hands on, I think that's what made it so special.

  3. Looks like a lovely day, such beautiful photos. Its great that Spring has sprung, it makes you want to get outside and explore.

    1. It was a lovely day, thank you, I was glad of a nice warm brew afterwards though. :-)

  4. This looks like a great trip! Your daughter looks like she had a great time


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