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Bank Holiday Weekend on Morrisons!!

Us M's don't usually celebrate bank holiday weekends due to Daddy and Grandma working shifts, and not normally having time off together to do something special. However, this weekend Uncle N, who lives in Oman, and his new girlfriend, had planned to visit for the weekend. And as an unexpected bonus, Morrison's and Britmums chose myself to be a Morrison's Mum this weekend. This meant that I got £80 of Morrison's vouchers to spend on food for this weekend, as long as I blogged about it. GREAT!! When the M's get together... its got to be about the meat... so a BBQ it was to be.
 After a list was drawn up, S and myself went shopping... we went on the day they launched their new lower price's. I really noticed a huge difference in the fresh fruit and vegetables. Especially as I've only ever shopped at Morrison's once before, but its now my local supermarket now we have moved, so its looking promising. Our local Morrison's, (Congleton) is very small compared the shops I am used to, and I noticed they didn't have their steam jets to keep the fruit and veg fresher, like the other Morrison's I have visited in the pass, but they still looked delicious and fresh.
 S got bored rather quickly as it was such a big shop. I managed to roll in the long weekend hosting shopping in with our weekly shopping. This meant an over flowing trolley, and the seat next to S being needed for more food.
The checkout lady, wasn't as friendly as the usual checkout people are. And I felt a little uncomfortable unwrapping a penguin to give to S, for a little bit of bribery whilst packing the trolley, as I felt like she wanted to speak to her colleague behind instead. However, all the other staff around the store, were much more helpful, pointing me in the right direction for items I couldn't find.
And I was glad I had left the buggy at home, as it sure filled the boot.

 That evening, we wanted a quick easy meal. So it was to be a green pesto, chicken and green bean pasta dish. This worked out about £1.50-£2 a head as we put 2 packs of chicken in, as Daddy really likes his meat. There is still some pesto left to make this again though, so that would drop the price down a bit.
 This was the final result. Quick, nutritious and Delicious.

 This is the lovely fruit we got. There were lots of different offers on. 3 types for £1.50 and 69p for a pineapple. Couldn't pass an opportunity to fill the basket up. S loves grabbing a piece as she's passing. Doesn't matter too much at that price if she doesn't finish it.
 Then it was Saturday. This was meant to have been our chilling out day, but as the weather forecast changed, the BBQ got pulled forward a day, but that meant Grandma and Grandad missed out, as Grandma was working and Grandad had other plans. Daddy was working until mid afternoon, and Unlce N and R didn't arrive until mid afternoon either. This meant the girlies helped mummy prepare for the BBQ. First up was making the marinade for the tandoori bbq chicken.

 Whilst the chicken was marinating (£3.49 for 11 drumsticks!) I got making our extra lean home made burgers. We used two packs of extra lean mince, an onion and 2 cloves of garlic blitzed up, and rolled into patties. Yummy.
 Then it was preparing the marinade for the chicken and veg kebabs. Our marinade consisted of sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce and some other ingredients, all ready to add to the mushrooms, red onion and mixed peppers nearer the time.
 We also provided lots of fizzy drinks too, courtesy of Morrisons.

And not forgetting the desserts... don't they look irresistible? (The rocky cheese cake went

After the prep work was done, it was time to head out into the garden to wait for Daddy and Uncle N to arrive. This was the first 'real' chance the girls got to explore the garden without time restraints, whilst I was building their new swing. They found some old dandylions, which had turned into what we call 'fairies', so was happy picking and letting them free. (Tinkerbell style)

 Even the kittys were allowed out for the very first time in their new garden.

 Shortly after, Uncle N and R arrived. And J took an instant liking to R. And roped them both in for garden fun, whilst daddy arrived back and got to cooking. The air was filled with laughter, and shrieks of excitement. Perfect!

 Daddy had been up since 3am, so I can imagine, cooking was the last thing on his mind, but it was him that decided he didn't want to cook the bbq in the possible rain the next day.
 It smelt divine... can you imagine that bbq smell whilst looking at this?

 It was warm enough to eat outside too, but R and Uncle N, was a bit chilly. After all, they are used to 45 degree Celsius temperatures.
 Both girls tucked in eagerly to their first chicken on the bone. They were so juicy, we will be buying these again.

 Then Tiger was trying her luck at the left overs.

 After we had let dinner go down, and the cakes defrost, it was time for the pudding.

 After dinner, we all went inside, as the temperature did suddenly drop. The girls then enjoyed a bit of Mario karts and bowling on the Wii before they went to bed. This  left the adults to hit the vodka and diet coke, and a few games of Taboo. Whilst playing this, it came out that R, (only visiting England twice) didn't know what a fry up was. So the very next morning, Daddy decided to use the left over bbq sausages up and cook a proper English Fry up. The sausages, beans, bacon  and eggs, were all really nice, however the bacon, we found very thin compared to the usual bacon we buy. It was also very streaky with fat, causing J, to almost be sick as it got stuck in her throat.

Grandma and Grandad arrived shortly after, and after the obligatory morning coffee and chat, we were soon playing games with the girlies. It started with snakes and ladders, jolly octopus, and guess who. Great family fun.

Then R showed us something they do over in India, 'Henna' we took advantage of S being down for a nap, as we know she just wouldn't stay still long enough. We all had a bit of art donw. Grandma with her work though, couldn't have any on her hands, so opted for a foot tattoo.


After the morning fun, it was time for lunch. Grandma and Grandad brought a lamb hotpot, and we provided left over BBQ food, and pulled pork, just for Uncle N, as Pork isn't allowed over in Oman. It all went down well, and we even had enough for tea time too.

All in all, it was a great family weekend. We all ate far too much, but we all had great fun. What more could we ask for?

Thank you #MorrisonsMum and Britmums, for this opportunity.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun with some tasty treats too. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.


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