Friday, 2 May 2014

Garden time....

Our new home has a huge garden, we didn't realise just how big it was until we got the keys and we were aloud in it. J loves it as she can run up and down without any fences getting in the way. The only downside is the length of the grass when we moved in. In this photo f J you can see near the back that it is much longer.
We only had a small cheap lawn mower, with no grass collection box, so a new bigger one was in need. So I went shopping, and bought this bad boy and a 20m extension lead, hping this plus the 12m cord, and another 8m lead would be suffient... it turned out it wasn't.

 Before cutting the grass, J helped me collect the large sticks/branches that had fallen from the tree, she then tried re-attaching them.
Unfortunately, my new mower didn't like the garden, and although it was bigger than our last mower, it still wasn't big enough. It kept turning itself off, and after about the 6th time, it failed to come back on. After just a few ups and downs. This was how our garden was then left for a few days... with a  landing strip...

 Another trip to b&q for a refund, of both the extension lead and the mower, and an upgrade to the next model up and a much larger lead of 45m. We decided on the same brand, but higher spec of mower, so its now got an 1800w engine and 50l grass box and a huge 43cm cutting blade. It needed it for this task...
 It had to be done in sections with the bottom half done first as it was the worst. You can still see the original strips from the first mower, I hope they blend eventually.
 But this is the beast that managed it... the bosch 430

 It took just over 2 hours and filled almost a whole wheelie bin....
 But the end result was worth it... it looks so tranquil now instead of just a field that needs sheep...

Lets bring on the weekend....


  1. Wow what a lovely garden! Will be lovely this summer im sure! Very jealous lol our garden is so small we barely need a lawn mower more like a pair of large scissors lol!! xx


  2. OMG, your new garden is amazing! x

  3. Your new garden is ace - all that space!!! Jealous as ours has no grass!!! x

  4. Wow! You have a huge garden, and it looks amazing. I'm sure having a party in there with elegant lights in different colors will totally be a blast. Hahaha! Anyway, it's so evident that you take care of your garden real well. Keep it up, Stacey! Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

    Raymond Quinn @ River Oaks Plant House


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