Wednesday, 14 May 2014

LegoLand Discovery Centre


Today we decided to take the girls to Legoland in Manchester. Our treat for them, for their behaviour not getting worse when we moved house, and area. Our previous move 11 months previously, saw horrid behaviour, and reward charts being introduced due to hitting, pinching and kicking. This time around though, nothing out of the ordinary... in fact, we have just seen positive behaviour.  The girls are happily playing more and more, and watching less and less TV. Which I am extremely happy about. Of course they are not perfect, and we do still have the normal 2 & 4 year olds naughty behaviour, but nothing out of the ordinary.
We have been to the Trafford centre many times before but have never visited this part. With the sun shining, it felt like we were on holiday. And before we even went inside, the girls could play on the lego models.
 Whilst we were redeeming our tickets. (brought online, so was much cheaper) the girls became acquainted with the Lego police man. There were no queues, but it was mid week term time.
 We went upstairs, and waited for the factory tour to start... the girls didn't know what to do. The colours were so bright, they were a little overwhelmed.
 Whilst on the factory tour, Daddy M got picked out to press the big button, which started one of the machines.

This is the magic machine, which works with the childrens input of jumping up and down.. and oohs and ahhs.
 And of course the machine that paints the Lego too..
 J with Daddy M's certificate for taking part in the tour.
 Our next port of call was the laser game, where we go in a car and get to shoot things with a laser, and see who gets the most points... Daddy was very competitive. Again there was no queue, but there were plenty of Lego stations in line if we needed it.  
After the ride, we went through the small land, where various places were reconstructed with Lego. Many areas were interactive, where the girls could press buttons for music, lights or motions. Great for their age.  Even a football match by tilting the pitch back and forth...
 After the small land, it opened up and we could do each area at our own pace. We headed for the Lego pits, to try and encourage the girls to build.
 But was soon drawn to the building room. It wasn't the correct time for the session to begin, but the guy let us in anyway, so we had our own little building session. We built an enchanted tree for each girl. Daddy supervised J, whilst mummy done S's. We then got the option to purchase the tree afterwards, as its not available in the shops.

 S is obsessed with giraffes since her comfort blanket is a giraffe, so when we saw a Lego giraffe, she just had to go and say hello!
 We then went to the car building section. It was pretty much self explanatory here, we got to build a car, then test it on all the tracks. Daddy M got very competitive, and S loved it... she is a toy car fan...

 There was a special track that was slightly down hill, and at a press of the button the start line would vanish meaning there was no cheating...
 And then a huge drop slide type of track... if they went fast enough, they would jump of the end, if they weren't they would double back on themselves...

S discovered other cars in the drop box at the end, and claimed one as her new car...

 Daddy's car didn't seem to want to even move... I shouldn't laugh really... he put a lot of thought into it...
Then it was onto driving real cars... well real Lego cars. S was to small and too young, but J was able to go on her own. She looked so petrified, but did well, and even went back again and again.

 They also had a 4D cinema. They were showing 2 films, and we were able to see both. S wouldn't wear the funky glasses, but enjoyed the film anyway. J loved it, and really embraced the 3D aspect, and was great seeing her to grab things in front of her. But with the water and air, I hid the camera away, and enjoyed the experience.
Daddy and J also got to go on another ride, where Daddy got his exercise for the day. The faster he peddled, the higher it would go. Again S was too small for this.  
 The earthquake machines were great fun. We got to build towers and then see if they would last a shake. Daddy was being serious, trying to get them not fall, mummy was trying to make silly towers to fall over... was good fun.

 S soon tried making friends with the Lego clown.
 In the Duplo village, they had large softer bricks. Mummy and S started to build a small house, with the aim of S hiding in it. Another girl came over and started helping, followed by J and Daddy... the project got a lot bigger... but it got done quicker too... with all the extra hands.
 We even made a roof.
 The girls then decided it had to have a chimney, so a chimney was added. This was great fun. We decided to leave it standing when we moved to a different area, and other children had great fun hiding in it, and even another parent added the 4th wall, enclosing their child... why didn't I think of that one??
 Who said standing on Lego is painful? Try a mountain of Lego!

 S still managed to find a lost pen though... how does she find the pens?? This was quickly removed, and hidden.
 In the Lego friends section, J was ken to get going on the Karaoke...
 ... and S was keen to dance along. (Head, shoulders, Knees and toes...)

 There were more figurines, which S liked, whilst J carried on singing.

 There is also a big soft play area in the middle, so mummy and daddy managed to get a coffee whilst the girls played.
 Even S went down the slide on her own... brave girl... shes not a slide girl, unless she is on a lap.
 J helped her up in places... sisterly love!!

 On the way out, there was a star wars Lego section, again this was interactive.
 And the final bit, is a new bit recently added, the laser dodging activity. This was brilliant, and as it was quiet, we got plenty of goes. We could choose between 3 settings.
 J soon caught on and copied mummy by being a worm and going underneath all of them..
 ... and even Daddy got a play with the beams.
 All in all, it was a great day out. S was tired out, and before we hit the motorway (5 minutes) she was asleep.
Once we returned home, the girls got their new Lego sets... and the collection is growing...

This was a great day out, and cost us just £24 for 6 hours. (S was free). It was quiet, and therefore, very enjoyable. The staff made the 'magic' happen, and they have picked them well. All happy and smiley. Haven't seen that since Disney World! We had lunch there and Children's meals (box deal of Sandwich, crisps, drink and fruit) was £4.50. Panini's again around £4. We worked out for our lunch we paid more then we paid to get in. We could have left, and gone to the Orient and had our pick, but that was a little trek with a tired S, so decided to stay put.
All in all, I would recommend for children under 8. I have heard it gets very busy in half terms and weekends, and not sure how enjoyable it would be if it was busy.
Thank you LEGOLAND for a lovely family day out, both the girls enjoyed. And mummy and daddy.


  1. I didn't realise there was so much there! x

    1. It kept them both occupied for over 6 hours... :-)


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