Thursday, 22 May 2014

Muddy hands....

The girls have attempted a bit of gardening already this year, back in our old house and with pretty spring flowers, you can read that adventure here
This time we are attempting seeds.... Before we started I gloved S up. (J was at nursery, so this was good 1:1 for S and I) She loved wearing big girl gloves instead of the mittens she normally has to wear in cold weather. But they were a little big...

I then set up the big bag of compost, and trays with the new seeds and gardening fork and spade...
 ..and directed S in what to do. She first filled the planter with compost... preferring to use her hands.
 Then removed the huge gloves to get the seeds out, and plant them in. These ones are sweet peas. Mummy grew up with sweet peas in the family garden, and they are such a pretty delicate flower, I just want to attempt them at least once.
 We then set them up next to the already fitted trellis, as they are climbers. (If they grow) Then S got to work watering them.
 We then repeated the process again another 4 times with hanging baskets. These we filled with a mixed seed packet that I bought in bulk.
 When J returned, I got her to plant some more sweet peas in the planter that was already here when we moved in. It already has a plant in, but  have no idea what it is.
 The next task saw us progress onto the flower beds... a HUGE task of weeding them... which need the wheelbarrow as there is so much...
J puts a lot of force into pulling the weeds out... but mummy is soon left with the job. 
 As J is distracted with blowing a dandelion to make it turn into fairies... great more weeds to grow!!
 This task continues into the next day, where J wants to wear a princess dress... hey why not? They wash up well enough...

 Once most of the weeds have gone, J helps me plant the seeds. We have gone for marigolds, and the mixture of seeds again. Anything with colour...

 J then waters the plants we planted the day before, again.

 After all the hard work, we sit and relax, and make daisy chains...

 Whilst J and I are doing that, S sneaks back to the flower bed, and starts digging up all the seeds we just planted... trying to think of it from her view... I think she was copying what we were doing, and attempting to help. Fingers crossed the seeds still grow.

1 week on... we have some babies..... yippee.... here are 1 week old marigolds...
and a few seedlings in the hanging baskets...
Im hoping our garden will become a sea of colours in the summer months, and that the girls continue to grow their interest in the world around them. 

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  1. A princess gardening! Thats so cool! Gardening looks fun in your household. In mine its just me as my son is more interested in drawing on the pavement of our terrace than plant in pots with me =P #CountryKids

    1. It felt like such a chore to me, but the girls enjoyed the bits they got involved in...

  2. How great that the girls want to help with the gardening and it looks like the efforts are beginning to pay off too. Thanks for linking up and sharing their gardening fun with Country Kids.

    1. The seeds that they planted are growing... well apart from the ones S decided to dig up again. But yes if it means they can find worms, then they will be stuck in :-)

  3. Your little girls are both so cute! I have a little man and I'm getting close to my due date with my second little man, I can't wait till they're old enough to do things like this with :) x

    1. It was really nice to teach them about how it works, and that they have to be patient... amazing seeing life through their eyes...


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