Saturday, 24 May 2014

Snowballs in May

S has been under the weather recently. We are unsure if its just a cold, or teething, as she is still due her back 4 teeth. So after we dropped J off at nursery, I was blessed with cuddles. These don't often happen with S, as she's always on the move.
 After a little while, she started to get restless though, so I raided  the weekend box I got a free sample to try from over on mummy 2 boyz blog. I found some tasks that I thought were simple enough for S (2yr) and we set off. First craft was making snowballs. Usually when we cook J muscles in, so was nice for this 1:1 time with S.
The box comes with a directions card. So I read off it what we needed to do, and S got excited.
 She soon got to work creaming the icing sugar and butter together, but found, even on a double step, she was still too small...
 So mummy popped her on the work top, Let the mess begin.....
 We then needed to add the flour... half of it ended up on the floor and worktop.
 Whilst they went into the fridge, S dipped into the icing sugar.... she knows the perks of baking already... the little taste samples!!

 Whilst they were chilling, it was time to try and get some juice into her... (She's going through a not drinking stage again) It didn't work.... but the yoghurt raisins certainly vanished...
 After the chilling time, this is what it looked like... does it look like snow?? I think we needed some more butter or less flour??
 It was then time to create snowballs... it was hard as it kept crumbling.... but S enjoyed the feel of it between her fingers.
 The snowballs were then placed onto a baking tray to be baked for 10 minutes.
 Whilst S mixed the secret packet into the remaining icing sugar...
 ..ready for the baked snowballs to be rolled into the icing sugar....
 ...and then all what is left is to eat them....
After the snowballs went down so well, I tried her with making a daffodil. The box, came with everything you needed on this one. S showed interest in the pipe cleaners, whilst I read the directions.
S then tried folding the yellow cleaners in half... but struggled.  
 After making a star with them, S then showed interest again...
 and tried rolling the petals, to look like snails.. she managed to do one, before giving up.
 ... mummy finished the rest of the flower, as it is aimed at 4-7 year olds.
 ..and S enjoyed playing with it after....
 It did prove to much for her, as after a little while, she dragged her bedding downstairs for down time....
 ...but she soon perked up again, playing dress up with mummy's' shoe collection....

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  1. That was such good fun - and it's not proper baking unless your kitchen's completely redecorated in ingredients! xx #weekendbloghop

    1. it certainly needed the dustpan and brush after, not just the detol. BUT we had fun doing it! :-)

  2. love the daffs! popping over from #weekendbloghop

    1. They really work, don't they? We have done foam flowers before, but these looked great!

  3. Found you from the #weekendbloghop
    This post so reminds me of the things I used to do with my middle daughter, she's too old to sit up on the work top now but it really brought it back to me. Looks like you had so much fun. x

    1. We did. It was nice to spend this quality time with her. I did it all with my eldest, but have let things slide with just S, as usually do most activities when both are around. x


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