Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The making of Grandad M's birthday cake...

This year is a big birthday for Grandad M. We have a surprise birthday present for him, but cant say what it is just yet, in case he reads the blog. But the girls wanted to get him something. They have done the photo mugs and photo frames and socks before, and we didn't want to buy something that would be put in a draw and forgot about. (Grandad M is hard to buy for!) However, Grandad M frequently comments on cakes we make, so thought making him his very own cake would be ideal from the girls... IF the girls made it by themselves....
A friend had previously made a chocolate cake for another friend, and the cake was delicious, and the design I thought we could do girly friendly, so we hunted down the devils cake mix by Betty Crocker, with the chocolate fudge icing they recommend, plus some goodies the girls could decorate with. (Plus 3 eggs, already cracked, 340ml water, and 6tbsp oil) That's all we needed.
The arguments started before they even got started, over who would stand on the step stool. J being the big bossy sister wanted it all, and tried pushing S away. Mummy stepped in and pulled up a higher chair for S, leaving J on the stool.... this helped a lot as they were both the same height then, and plenty of space.
They both helped put the mix into the blender (yep I love my blender, means no lumpy bits!)

..and J done the eggs and oil due to S being so young still.

But mummy helped S add the water, to make sure it all ended up in the bowl, and that she helped.

And both took it in turns to turn the mixer on..
Mummy then popped them in the oven.... once cooled, mummy cut the top of one of the cakes to make it even, and set the decorating tools out for the girls... this is when we got to taste the cake... still slightly warm (the off cut of the top) and it was a success.

The girls then spread the icing into the middle of the cake, but found it hard as the sponge would tear as they were spreading it...  but still managed to cover it nicely.

After the middle was covered, mummy popped the top on, and helped cover the top and sides. The girls then started putting the fingers around the edge of the cake.

Then carefully putting the goodies on the top...

Sophie kept slipping chocolates into her mouth.. but mummy pretended not to see...
The girls are very proud of their final cake... they BOTH did all of it TOGETHER, with very little assistance. A perfect present for Grandad.
Finished off with candles... we was going to have fancy sparkler candles too, but mummy couldn't find them... oh well, will have to save them for another time...
The cake made the 20mile transit in tact, and Grandad loved it. We even managed a taste, but not before the traditional birthday song... S was practising singing it all day.. but when the moment happened she stayed quiet.
Grandad M's birthday isn't until Friday, but we wont be seeing him on the day, so saw him today instead.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDAD M. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it!

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