Saturday, 10 May 2014

The park is always quieter on rainy days!

The weather the last few days, hasn't been the best, with wind and showers. Today was no different. But, I was told about the local town park, and was itching to explore. Daddy was on standby, so was house bound, so it was another girlie morning, armed with waterproofs and wellies, between the showers.
When we arrived, we went over a bridge, and J wanted to play poo sticks, but the were no sticks around, so she used leaves instead. This took longer as they flew in the opposite direction first before landing in the water. We must remember the bread next time though, as the ducks looked hungry.

We were then greeted by beautiful gardens. The girls really could not comprehend 'keep of the grass'.
 J then wanted to wall climb....
 ...and then pretend to be a statue
 S has found a love for flowers, and went to pick one... thankfully, on this occasion, she listened and left it still attached to the plant!
 As the rain was still holding off, we headed to the park first before the walk...  J spotted something different, it was like a roundabout, but looked completely different.
 Can you spot S? We had the park to ourselves for the majority of the time, which is amazing for a town park on a Saturday.
 They then got stuck in with the climbing frame, which is great for their age, and it even has monkey bars etc for when they are that bit older too.

 Also a see-saw with no muddy ditch at either end, so girls had great delight in playing on that. J trying to make S bounce up off her seat was the highlight of the visit, with the shrieks of laughter.

 S also wanted a go on the swing, and it had to be the 'big girl' swing since she has mastered it at home.
 The heavens then opened, and we got a little bit wet, so we dived for the tree cover, for a woodland walk in the park. It was amazing... we could hear the rain, but could not feel it or see it when under cover.

After the steps up into the woods, it  opened up to nice path, still under cover, wit lots of birds also hiding away. J had great fun in finding these.
 After a little while, we managed to find a puddle! Yippee... a walk in the rain, is not a walk in the rain without puddles!!
And its not a walk in the woods in spring if we don't find bluebells!

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  1. Lovely post & beautiful pictures x

  2. What a lovely adventure to the park - how great that it was so deserted and the girls had it all to themselves. Sweet photos of them having fun and finding some great puddles to splash in too. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. Yes they are quiet and you have the space all for yourself. Cool in a lot of ways! #countrykids


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