Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mad Hatters Tea Party @ Play Factore

Last week, we entered J into Play Factore's competition to win a golden ticket to their Mad Hatters Tea Party to celebrate the (almost end of) School year. To enter we had to upload a picture of her smiling like a Cheshire cat.... she was one of the lucky ones that won a golden ticket, and I also managed to get an extra one for S too. Both girls were super excited on the 1 hour drive, which was made almost 2 hours due to the traffic Friday night rush hour brings.

Inside the golden envelope was the tickets..

If you are unsure what Play Factore is all about... its an indoor play area for children, based in Manchester. They have the biggest indoor slide, along with laser tag, go karts and a zip wire. The price is more expensive than the usual soft play areas, but that's because of the size... we have only ever been on special occasions for this reason. But we have always left with happy memories of laughter and smiles, and this occasion didn't differ.
Yep, that's the start of the red slide, way up there...
On entering, we came out in front of the tea party setting. We were only allowed in this area if we paid £5 for a photo on the big red chair, we declined this option, but was allowed to take photos of the details. They put a lot of effort into making it look just right in the centre of the area.
We then set off to get the girls their dinner... which was part of the ticket, a pizza slice, krispy Kreme doughnut and a fruit shoot. The adults didn't get anything as part of the ticket, but the girls food was delicious... yep, I did sneak a bit of S's as she was fed snacks in the traffic jam en-route.
The restaurant was still open if we wanted something different, and S took a liking to the cake stand.... so many to choose from, and looking so colourful, who wouldn't be tempted?

After dinner, we started to look around to see what else was included extra in the ticket price, the entertainment started to arrive which included stilt walkers... J was a bit overwhelmed (don't think she has seen stilt walkers before) and they happily posed for photos and waves from children...
 ...whereas S was petrified of the rabbit.... and hid into my shoulder....
...after the stilt walkers, we decided to take the girls on the go-karts.... this is J's favourite part as she is too young for the big slide until later this year. And it was S's first go, as last time we came was for her 1st birthday. They both loved it.

After the Go-karts we went to search for lockers for our shoes so we could go and 'play' without worrying about finding an empty table now it was getting busier. And after finding one, the next set of entertainment began.... trapeze artists... WOW.... if only I could have a strong core like that, maybe I could pull of some of the moves... (in my dreams!!) The girls were fascinated.
 After the entertainment, we went to play, Daddy went with J, whereas I went with S. S loved it in the big kid area, and J decided to go back to the Go-karts, as it was very busy with unsupervised older children. 
S doesn't like slides, she has got some sort of phobia, but there was still plenty for her to do.
She even spotted Daddy and J down below....

After a while it was getting too busy, and poor S was getting pushed around too much, so we decided to find the toddler area. In the usual run of the road play areas, S gets bored, but here she was bouncing from one area to the next... her favourite part was the white room, where it has a projector that picks up their movements, so they can play a keyboard, or pop balloons etc... great fun.... J soon picked up on it, and it soon got very busy in their with happy tots.

The toddler area also had a smaller version of the large area, so J still got her slide fix. Along with a race track area, and large soft building bricks.
We decided to call it a day just before the end, as the girls were tired, it was a very late night for them, and it was very hot inside, especially when running around having all that fun.
On leaving, they were handed a goody bag of sweeties.... which we saved for the next day for tired film afternoon.

Thank you Play Factore, we had a great time, and more memories were made. We look forward to coming back when its a little quieter to enjoy and explore the larger area some more.


  1. Fab pics hun, kacy had fun today as well

  2. This place looks amazing!!!! I thought we had it good with Monkey Puzzle when I was a kid, but this makes Monkey Puzzle look like a forgotten park filled with junkies....

  3. Wow, that looks amazing. My girls who are quite old now would have loved this.

  4. We are so glad you had a good time! If anyone would like to know more about Play Factore please go to our website www.playfactore.com. :)

  5. How cool does this look?! Wow, fab pics too. Looks like you had a good time x


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