Friday, 29 August 2014

Hotel stay with under 5's @ Park Inn Heathrow

This week we stayed at the Park Inn in London Heathrow. It was part of our LEGOLAND trip booked with holiday pirates. (This is a great site, if you are after some cheap trips and holidays) Our stay for 4 people in the 4 star hotel, with LEGOLAND tickets was £119... in the summer holidays!!! WOW!!! The tickets alone would have cost us £101.
We were very impressed at the hotel, we are used to budget hotels, catering for round 100 rooms. On walking up, the girls were captivated with how big it was, with revolving doors and a statue in the middle of the reception. We were greeted almost immediately, and once checked in, the children were given an activity pack each. Great start after 4 hours in the car. And Daddy was very happy, as there was free Wi-Fi too, with no fiddly passwords to enter.
We were given our room card, and told where to go for the lifts... the lifts had multi-colour changing mood lights... the girls were fascinated. We found our room easily enough, and when entering, we realised we had a great view of the airport...
View from our window
Once again the girls were fascinated. The family room was made up with two double beds. This was the only thing that let it down to me, in the budget hotels the girls had their own single beds pulled out from the big double base. But this did not cause a problem for us, the girls refused to share, so mummy had to share with S, whilst daddy shared with J.
S soon found the complimentary shampoo and soaps... I didn't get around to taking a picture of the bathroom, but it was very modern, with a glass shower guard over the bath, and glass shelves on the wall, you can tell its recently been refurbished.
The room had an extra something that we weren't used to either... a small fridge. This would have been perfect if we'd known about it before, as we could have bought some milk for the girls hot chocolate. Along with a safe and 4 cups, not the usual 2! And a bottle of fresh water, I really liked this, as I enjoy a drink at bedtime, and don't really like tap water when away... I know I am fussy!!
 ...along with the usual wardrobe, iron, and ironing board, and spare towels.
and TV, with Freeview...
We didn't try out the restaurant in the evening, but we did try out the breakfast buffet. I've never seen such a variety before. There was the full English breakfast with actual fried eggs.. and fried bread, along with the usual hash browns, sausages, bacon etc.. but also the pastries, fruit, yoghurts, ham, cheeses, breads, cereals, smoothies, juice, and noodles and a rice dish too. With hot tea and coffee bought to the table.
This cost us £21 for the 4 of us.... great deal, as the under 8's eat for free. We also did not need lunch this day as we were still full from the breakfast. I would recommend this breakfast, but the restaurant was busy, and as a result, noisy.
The hotel also has a swimming pool the children can use, but we didn't get the chance as the girls were too naughty, and as punishment, they got it taken away from them. (S refused to go to sleep, keeping J up, then when S finally dozed off, J would wake S up, then S would hit everyone trying to sleep, and run around crying, they were bot still away come 10.30pm- mummy was not impressed!)
Would I use this hotel again? Yes, definitely. They are so close to Heathrow, if we were ever to fly out from there, we would book here for sure.


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  1. I am looking forward to my visit there now in October :-)


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