Friday, 22 August 2014

Making "Ice" hard candy Frozen style

Today is J's party, it's not actually her birthday until early October, but due to daddy M's working pattern he doesn't actually have any weekends off in October, and with her starting school, thought September, she will still be making new friends, and adapting to her new 'school life'. So today is her PARTY!!! yeay!
We asked her what theme she wanted, and of course, she wanted a Frozen theme. So I got to work on Google and Pinterest for ideas. Most of the ideas needed homemade ice, aka candy. And most recipes I found online were American, which meant bad news for us Brits, as corn syrup is hard to find. But I did find one that's tasty, and it worked.
Here is what we did to make sheet candy:
1 cups of water
2 cup of sugar
We tried 2 batches, both tasty, but completely different results.
The first one I popped the sugar in first then the water. Stirred it whilst heating, and did the cold water test as didn't have a thermometer, which you can see here. Then added flavouring and colouring when it was ready. (We chose peppermint) And then poured it onto a baking sheet for it to cool.
As you can see, it wasn't the smooth candy we were hoping for, but was still used.
But me being me, I wasn't happy with this FAIL.... so asked my mother-in-law if I could borrow her jam making thermometer to make sure it got to the correct temperature...
This is the correct way:
1 cup of water
2 cups of sugar
Stir until dissolved, and then heat. Add the thermometer at this stage. We also added the food colouring before heating as we didn't want as much. Then we stirred it occasionally until it reached 270-290'F for soft crack consistency, then poured it quickly on to the baking sheet.
We could tell almost instantly that this batch was much more better, and it even had a glittery appearance which was perfect.
It certainly passed the taste test from S.... her new tantrums are because she wants this candy!
Due to the temperatures, the girlies didn't help. but J did dissolve the sugar before we added it to the heat.

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