Friday, 26 September 2014

Longleat in the fog!

Saturday was our day out to Longleat safari park, it had been booked for months, taking advantage of the Tesco clubcard voucher deals, and booked with Nana and Grandad, and my uncles. We originally planned to stay overnight at a nearby hotel, but due to the girls not sleeping when we went to LEGOLAND, we decided to get up early and drive on the morning.... Wow... a very early start. We ended up waking at 5, and out the door by 5.30, hoping the girls would go back to sleep, however they never did. 3.5 hours later, we arrived, along with daylight and the fog. We met the grandparents and uncles there at the safari doors, and were one of the first ones in. Yippee...
We decided to skip the monkey bit after previous damage caused in Knowsley by monkeys. But my mum and dad and uncles decided to take the chance... and S joined them so she could enjoy the monkeys too....
Despite the fog, we still got to see the animals, and the fog slowly started to disappear.
The big cats were out for all to see to, which I was more then happy about... I love them..
and the younger lions were playing, and trying to get the food out of the tubes.... which made them very active, unlike the usual times we have been on "safari" when they have just been sleeping.

After the safari, we took to the river safari, and was able to feed the sea lions... S was shrieking with excitement over this, as they were swimming along side us, and clapping the water.
Once we were back onto land and foot, the kids could let of steam.

And enjoy the quality time with relatives they don't often see on their own without their cousins, in a fun atmosphere.

riding the lion
We then got to meet some of the animals close up....

the girls even got kissed by a parrot....

...walked with penguins.....
...touching stingrays....
...and meeting postman pat.... (random!) in the postman pat village...
We then ended the day with the birds of prey.... they had a show, unlike any I have seen else where... WOW...
...I have been to many birds of prey shows, but this is the first where they have over 5 birds swooping and flying at once... you never knew which way to look or duck to avoid being swooshed... mum even got a chickens head landing at her feet, which I found hilarious, as it came tumbling from the sky.... I was waiting for one of the birds to come and retrieve it... but the guy did instead.... phew...!!
All in all it was a brilliant day out, especially as the rain only sprinkled a small shower, and remained dry after that, we never got to do it all, but we were non stop.
We had brilliant company, and it was suitable for all ages... its just a shame its so far away...
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  1. This is somewhere on our list to visit, too, as it looks fab! Glad you had a great day out, and it's always lovely to combine it with lots of family around, too :)

  2. Glad the 3.5 hour drive (wow!) was worth it :-) looks like you had a fantastic day, I've never been but am tempted now.

  3. I love to visit longleat, the Animals look so happy there x

  4. What a fabulousy. If you'd like to send us any of your reviews (old or new) please do as we host day trip and holiday reviews. #countrykids Karen of

  5. There was a glitch then and it wouldn't let me type! Just copy! Love the fact that you met postman pat how random! #countrykids

  6. We must get to Longleat, it looks such fun and wonderful photos too of all the animals and your fun there. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

  7. It looks great here, Mummy has been before. I would love to go, I LOVE these animals! Great photos #CountryKids


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