Saturday, 25 October 2014

A look behind closed doors at the M's

Normally when I blog, I just capture the lovely moments and days out I want to remember, only allowing the "idealistic" us being on show for all to see. However, after seeing a post about how people only do shows for social media,  I thought I would share my day today with the girlies, as it really is a mix of all sorts....
The day starts with J waking us up before her Gro clock says its day time, but asks us permission loudly if she can play as its 1 star left (within 1 hour to wake up time), this then wakes S, and she soon starts to scream that she wants to go in J's room. To get an extra 30mins in bed, I agree, 15minutes later we hear the trunkies being thrown around the room.... its time to get up... Daddy stays in bed as he has a late night planned, so im up with the girls....
Hot chocolate for the girlies is first on the agenda, and whilst that is heating up, Disney Junior is promptly put on for the girls.... I put the powder in the hot milk, and all hell gets let loose.... Why?? because I didn't let them do it.... ARGH!!!
I sit down with a strong coffee, and open the laptop and start linking up to country kids and reading a few other posts as the re-runs on kids TV bore me.... Within 2 minutes S screams at me she wants harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs on, thankfully J doesn't detest.... straight after its demand after demand, and within 3 minutes of a programme starting, she wants something different on.... After the 2nd time, I make them watch whatever is on live TV. S then starts climbing all over me, feet and arms flying, knocking books of settees, and narrowly missing my coffee... J is whining that she wants mummy cuddles and kisses, which I happily give, but then starts whining for more when im trying to clear up the mess S is making...
A little while later, breakfast time... tantrums because its not "yellow" toast, as I've used best of both... I offer Jam, and she declines, get told she wont eat the toast as its not yellow.... Daddy walks in, and offers the Jam which I originally offered her, and she happily sits and eats it. S decided she wants yoghurt and RAISINS (she will turn into a raisin any day im sure!) whilst hanging off the fridge door.... Get it out with a spoon, and a meltdown as its not a little spoon...YES IT IS!!!!
Girlies are sweet as can be to daddy who has just woken up, so I stomp off for a bath, leaving them to it. I then come down in a better mood, to find the house more of a state then when I disappeared as S's new trick is throw toys everywhere and not to play with them... and with them watching holiday videos on YouTube, and J playing on the IPad... a little rant, and a few house hold chores get done between us, before a quick get S dressed and out the door for dancing.... plan was for me to take her and daddy to meet us there with J, however J's hair hadn't been done so she was stuck with me, as daddy cant do girly hair, and yet this resulted into another meltdown as I wouldn't let her play on the IPad... the choice was given... dancing or IPad, and she chose dance, but still screamed all the way there... (she wouldn't have got the IPad anyway with THAT behaviour!
Once S came out of dancing, she seemed to have mellowed out, and it was J's turn, she clung to daddy, and did another meltdown in the class when daddy went to leave, so he was asked to stay, so S and myself made a quick get away...
After J returned from dancing, she had mellowed out too, and it was time for Daddy to start to get ready for a night on the town for a stag doo. And he left shortly after. The girls were finally playing nicely together. The arrival of a friend and her little boy, made the girls carry on the good behaviour, although a little hyper. S decided she would open up craft items behind my back and throw them everywhere, and ran around like she had eaten a whole bowl full of sugar treats... (which she didn't have)
Once they left I needed comfort food from all the shouting from the morning, I asked the girlies what they wanted expecting cheese-y pasta... but they asked for KFC, they are definitely their daddy's daughters, and I happily went along as I was in no mood for another battle....
So after a stressful morning, and average afternoon (but lovely chinwag) we had a relaxed evening with greasy food, coke, and UP on the TV, and lots of cuddles....
In Pic 2 you can see the plot in S eyes to headbut J, pic 3 just happened... pic 4 the result - Sibling Love!
But our night doesn't end there.... S wanted to sleep with J after a chilled evening (J has a double bed) but J was adamant she wasn't sharing, so I offered S mine hoping for a mini lie in in the morning.... Whoa.... huge mistake.... half hour of talking who sleeps where resulted in everyone back in their own beds, a wave goodnight to the world from the window, and S was asleep... J is proving more difficult... 10 minutes of chilled out play time in her bed, plus 1 extra minute to tuck her barbies into bed, then "oh I cant find scout" (bedtime toy) then oh mum, but I haven't had my hot chocolate.... the threat of loosing favourite toys is now looming, and for now.... the house is silent.....
Where is the vodka and coke??? It is certainly needed tonight, with the soaps on catch up TV.... the night is finally mine.... all mine....
So that's a glimpse into my world.... my REAL world..... which posts do you prefer? the nice versions with all the "real life" bits erased or the this is my life... with all the real stresses, tantrums and tears, along with the laughter, cuddles and smiles???


  1. I say be as real as you can. It makes entertaining reading plus so much of what we see on social media sites with 'perfect' family life and 'perfect' children. Life's just not like that. Your children made me smile and the pictures are such fun. I'm sure very stressful at times but you wouldn't change them for the world!

  2. Little girls. Not always sweetness and light, haha. Glad you got a chance to unwind. Little kids can be stressful to raise.

  3. Now that's definitely a real day in a normal mum's life! I really enjoyed reading your post as I could relate with everything! Isn't it awful to go for a nice, relaxing bath and then come downstairs to find every object in the house tipped on the floor (literally!).

  4. Big hugs hun, know the feeling to well.x

  5. It can send you to breaking point can't it? I find a huge intake of breath and ignore everything for 5 minutes helps! Those pics are too cute too by the way lol

  6. Eeek. Sounds like a hectic day.
    I sometimes have days like this and sharing an honest post like this certainly makes me feel better.
    I'm a bit more strict though, if my two misbehave there is no tv, technology, club, nice food etc for the day. They definitely don't repeat then lol x

  7. That sounds a lot like a day in my The joy x

  8. I can certainly relate both from when my eldest (now 18 & 17) were little ... though still fought as younger teens as well and from my 6 yr old son ... kids eh who would have them? Good job there are the kisses, cuddles and quieter times in between or we would all go mad! As for posts I think a mixture of edited life & real life would be good xxx

  9. Aw sounds stressful glad you all had time to relax in the end, very similar in my house most of the time.



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