Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween @ National Forest Adventure Farm

On Tuesday we went to National Forest Adventure Farm. It is about an hours drive from us, and we didn't really know what to expect. The girls were full of excitement, as we allowed them to wear their Halloween costumes, and told them they could pick their very own pumpkins. They were actually well behaved for the drive there... yeay! 
When we arrived, we found the car park to be a lot busier then we were expecting, and had to park at the far end, which meant we walked past the play area on the opposite side of the fence, and the girls excitement grew even more.
Red riding hood and the friendly witch.
On entering we got the timetable of events, and put their names down for scare school and broomstick flying, well.... it is Halloween. Then it was time for lunch... yes we did arrive latter then anticipated. We quickly found a bench as there was plenty around, and under cover from the autumn winds, and were allowed to eat our own picnic... Great!!
After lunch it was then time to explore the farm, we headed for the animal barn first, so the girls could get to pet the animals, and to suss out whether to buy some animal feed for them. We decided against the feed, as the animals in the barns didn't seem interested as they already had so much. They were able to pet 'Ruby' the guinne pig, and the rabbit, and found out pigs are actually VERY smelly. S soon lost interest here as the barriers on the pens were so high she couldn't see in easily.
After the animal barn, we followed the path around to the scarecrow maze... in the summer they grabbed the Guinness book of world records for the most scarecrows in one place, and WOW there was a lot.... S was a little nervous to start with, but once she realised they weren't real, she was running around the maze looking for the mummy's hidden inside. We found all 16, and had fun looking at all the different scarecrows... we even found a Disney princess one dressed up as Belle.
We then found the way to the paddocks to the other animals, so went to explore.... these animals wanted the feed, but we were too far from the entrance to quickly run back and get some. A very kind lady let the girls have a handful of hers to feed the sheep. Thank you.

We then found one of Santa's helpers, and it was a nice reminder for the girls that although its Halloween now, Santa is always looking to see if they will be on the naughty or nice list. He was so close, the girls could see all the detail of his antlers, and they are actually hairy. When he realised we didn't have any feed though, he soon went further back.

The girls then ran down the hill past the goats and Alpacas, we weren't sure why, then it suddenly clicked, they were chasing the tractor.... we could here shouting from it as it was doing its journey, and it was enticing the girls.... that would be our net port of call.... unfortunately S then fell over as she was running down hill in wellies and FAST... a few tears, and cuddles later, we were back on track...

Whilst waiting for the tractor, Daddy was encouraging the girls to go on the electric go carts. I think Daddy wanted a go more, as the girls weren't pestering for it, it was £1 per car, and the guy on a food stall, happily broke a note for change.  Once J realised she had to keep her foot on the peddle, they were off....
The tractor ride was then ready for the next ride, so we hopped on. We got told there was scarecrows dotted around the course, and if we found one, we had to shout out scarecrow.... this kept the girls happy, and WOW... they can scream... and shout.... but provided lots of giggles.

After the tractor ride, we started to head over to the pumpkin patch, and came across the barrel ride, we got a free voucher for a ride each on entrance, and any extra goes is £1. The queue for this took longer then expected, but with only 8 barrels that is expected.  But the girls enjoyed it.

We then ran out of time to pick our pumpkin, as it was time for scare school.... This was great fun for the girlies, and ran by the werewolf and ghost..
They learnt how to do a pumpkin face....
Along with a zombie walk....
...and scary noises, and creeping up on people to go BOO.... J is still practising this now. S soon lost interest as she was getting tired, and found a nice cow to snuggle up with....
After scare school, it was the broomstick flying class, where they are taught how to fly it correctly, how the rev it up, and how to steer. J was mesmerised...

but S just wanted to sweep, or do it the opposite way...

After the lessons at the Halloween themed school, it was time to head to the pumpkin patch. Our local pick your own farm had sold out, so we were a little worried at the quality that would be left. But we didn't have to worry. The patch wasn't as full as it was at the start of the week, and we had to walk further back to get a good size one, but there was still plenty to choose from... phew! S found a little area with good size pumpkins, whilst daddy and J went off looking for others.... so much choice...

We finally got their attention and they came back over and made a decision. J wanted the biggest one! S wanted a round one...

The note at the start of the patch, was we had to carry it back, there was no help, which was a shame as we had seen wheel barrows being used throughout the day...  J couldn't even lift hers, so that was Daddy's job... I was relieved we had 2 adults for 2 children, as I would have struggled otherwise.

The weather was starting to change at this point, as the clouds got darker and a breeze picked up, so we gave the girls 5 minutes in the play area... they chose the giant pillows over the bouncy castle and sandpits, we could have easily spent an afternoon in this area alone...

The giant pillows were like trampolines, but different as they do look like pillows, and are curved...  which provided lots of giggles.... the wind picked up some more, so it was time to leave.... Just as we got back to the car with a very tired S and 2 HUGE pumpkins, it started to rain... couldn't have had better timing if we tried....
It was a great afternoon out, and if I had done my research, we would have been there earlier so we could have spent the day there. We will be going again, and I have my eye on the Christmas event they have planned, so watch this space! I would recommend this place to anyone with young children.
Entrance to the farm is £9.75 per person over 2, on high peak dates, this includes all activities (apart from electric go karts) and the pumpkins. Which I think is Fantastic value for money.
We were given free entrance, for an honest review. All pictures, words and opinions are my own.
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  1. What a truly fabulous day out for kids, i would have loved that day out myself lol! The kids outfits were brilliant too!

  2. What a great day out, it looks as if you and your girls has a lovely time x

  3. This looks like such a fun day out. The pictures of the little ones are so cute and they look like they're having a great time! X

  4. Looks like such an awesome although I think all those scarecrows would give me nightmares lol, it looks like something out of a horror movie, just expecting one to move !!

  5. Sounds like a great day out. Lovely photos and their costumes are very cute! #WHWH

  6. I think I might have written in some other blogs how those scarecrows makes me a bit scared. I think I need to personally go to see that they are cute in real life! What a nice way to celebrate Halloween =) #countrykids

  7. What a wonderful place to visit and a perfect day full of half term Halloween fun for the girls. I love their fancy dress, it really looks like you made the most of your day there. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.


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