Friday, 10 October 2014

Little Moreton Hall

Today was a beautiful autumn day, with blue skies, and the chill in the air.... my favourite days!
S wanted to do painting, but I wanted to make the most of this dry weather. I managed to persuade S that we could go leaf collecting, ready for painting or collaging over the weekend. She was certainly up for this idea when I presented a pumpkin bucket for her and her wellies.
We are lucky where we live that we have a fair few national trust properties close by, so we headed to one where we have never been to, Little Moreton Hall.
S loved the quirkiness of the wonky beams. And the air was filled with quacks from the many ducks dotted around.

S adores any animals, so soon went to introduce herself to the ducks.... the ducks were NOT impressed.

The gardens here are small, but the knot gardens were beautiful, and S liked trying to climb over the miniature hedges which is hand trimmed, and takes over 80hours.... wow!!

 S was very pleased that for once she was allowed on the grass...yeay!
We then remembered we were here to collect leaves for our collage, we were hoping to have big leaves and very colourful ones, but it wasn't really that type of national trust place, but S still managed to find some.

and some puddles....
she has progressed from last year to walking through them, to actual splashing.

With the greenery as back ground, I decided to capture some of S many expressions, and she was happy to participate.

and enjoyed having one with mummy too without J pushing to the front as she was at school.
After finishing in the gardens, we decided to have a little wander into the hall to see what its all about. There was a guide all dressed in the olden day gear, and helped make our experience more then just a walk through, so THANK YOU!
S took a liking to her, and seemed to listen to what she had to say, she showed us a game from the Tudor times, where they had to get marble type stones/clay into arches and count up the score, along with a cloth type board game with a wooden dice, and even showed us the bed. S liked how comfy it was, but didn't like the idea of sleeping upright. I learnt a new fact, that back in the olden days to get the cloth so white, they used urine.... yuk!!!
And it was all finished off by S making a stained glass window.
The lady has mentioned some of the half term activities they have planned, like mask making of a face that is in the chapel onsite, and wolf masks, story telling and other activities, so think we shall be going down with J in tow too, to keep boredom at bay.
Another great little outing on the national trust membership! Thank you.

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  1. Looks like you had some fabulous one-on-one time with S. What a beautiful building, however it does look like it's going to fall over any second! It's great that S enjoyed her visit and seemed interested in what the tour guide was telling her. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  2. Sounds a great place. It may take a long time to cut those hedges but they look worth it. LOL will be proud if my cloths aren't too white now!

  3. We love Little Morton Hall, its right on our doorstep. Have you visited Alcumlow farm further up the road? Great post, looks like you both had a fab time. Becky x

  4. What a great little trip, so nice to spend time with just one of the kids isn't it :) #CountryKids

  5. This is not too far for us, we really must go - it is very atmospheric. S looks very cute with her Halloween bucket :)


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