Thursday, 9 October 2014

Looking back to J's arrival...

5 years ago... my life completely changed.  I became a mummy for the very first time, and took a giant leap into the unknown.
It started as any usual pregnant day, where I was hoping J would make an appearance, so I tried everything... I cut our lawn, which isn't an easy task when 9 months pregnant, and then Daddy M and myself decided to go to the Trafford centre for a coffee and a cake whilst we were still kiddy free, for one last time. Whilst there we walked the entire length to try and help, but it did trigger my SPD pain, but I pushed through the pain as I wanted things moving. After our coffee and cake, (I had a milkshake, I actually managed to go caffeine free through both pregnancies, just cant now...) We gave Grandma M and granddad a call as they live close by, and we were invited around for dinner... I still remember it now, Roast chicken, mash and veg!
After dinner, almost immediately after, (Just stood up from the table) I felt like I was wetting myself, just a little trickle, so I headed to the toilet, thinking it was just a leaky bladder which I had read about lots this far gone. It wouldn't stop, so I asked Grandma M if I could have a sanitary towel.... then I realised what I was leaking out was GREEN....
We knew then it wasn't wee, and it was serious. A quick dash home for the medical notes and hospital bag, which seemed like ages (40minutes drive) whilst phoning the hospital, and my parents, who live 260miles away.
When we arrived at Warrington Hospital, a midwife took one look at the pad, and turned around and said, you wont be leaving without baby in your arms... yeay... that was the start of it all...
 That was at about 6.30pm 8.10.09 they got me settled into the room, and hooked up to hear baby heartbeat, as I was leaking green waters which is a sign of meconium in them (baby poo) which means baby could be in distress. I had 24 hours to get baby out by myself, otherwise I would have to have a caesarean. They wited to see if my contractions would start by themselves, but at 9.30pm, still no sign, so I was hooked up to the induce drip. So I was bed bound.... my TENS machine came in handy when the contractions started, and it was ALL and I mean ALL in my back....
The midwife hooked me up, and then left me too it, I was contracting every 30seconds for about 2 hours, when she came back in to see how I was doing, she realised, and turned it down a bit. I wasn't progressing quick. Grandma M turned up with coffee for her and daddy about 10.30-11.30 to help give daddy some support and to give me a bit of extra help. (Always good to have an extra nurse around ;-))
Being induced is no fun...
 During the night, I realised the gas and air and the TENS machine just wasn't cutting it with the pain, so was given an injection of pethindine pain relief that would last approx. 4 hours. Wow... I actually managed to get a tiny bit of relief, but when that wore off and I wanted an epidural, I got told I couldn't have one now, as they had an emergency elsewhere on the ward, and then I was too far gone. I then wasn't allowed anymore pethindine as I was too far gone too... at this point they realised baby was back to back. (Facing the wrong way) which is why all the pain was in my back, so they helped to to change position which was a huge relief  as I was off my back, but was still bed bound, all I wanted to do was have a little walk. They had me on my knees for about 40 minutes whilst I was 10cm, to see if I would help baby turn, but then had me back on my back to start pushing.... WOW... excruciating pain I have never had before, and still to this day, not had since (even with another birth under my belt) The room filled with doctors and extra midwifes, and it got very scary.... her heart beat was slowing down, and the emergency incubator/cot/light/heat things came out and was plugged in. I was told if she didn't come out with the next push, they would have to cut me to help her... she didn't budge... they cut.... even with the anaesthetic spray it hurt like crazy. She still didn't budge, so the forceps came out, some pushes from me, and some pulls from them, she eventually came out, with emergency caesarean words floating around. When I finally gave birth, the cord was cut by doctors and she was whisked to the incubator at the back of the room, I still remember that little wait for her cry. Her airways was clear, she hadn't digested the meconium.... phew! Once all the checks were done, we were able to have a cuddle, I still remember now, not letting her go until the stitches had been completed, as they hurt so much, and she would stop me thinking of what was happening at that end.
first cuddles

When I finally let go, she was weighed, and was a tiny 6Ib 14oz

first moment.... with my birthing partners
I actally had a male doctor, which if asked me when I was 3 months pregnant, I would have said no way, not down there, but he was great, so reassuring, and he did an excellent job fixing me up, several check ups later by various midwives and doctors all comment on how well and his sewing techniques... (disgusting I know, sorry!) And he brought J to the world safely. And of course Simone the midwive who took over in the morning, so much more calming and reassuring compared to the midwife during the night. So if you ever read this....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Thank you to the Dr and midwife.
Meeting Daddy for the 1st time

Birth announcement photo

We had to stay in hospital over night, which took forever as she was born in the morning, but they had to make sure there was no side effects to the meconium. I attempted to breast feed, but it just didn't happen.

My parents took to the road almost immediately, and made it the very same day she was born.

And auntie L from mummytoboyz came along for the journey too, whilst pregnant with O to meet her new niece.

And we eventually made it back home as a family all safe and well, if not sleep deprived, about 48 hours after it all kicked off.



  1. Awww. I bet it feels like that time has gone in a flash too. Glad everything turned out well in the end xx

  2. Gosh must have felt scary at times and such a relief to finally hold her in your arms x

  3. Daniella at NCT Warwick sent me the link to your blog so that we can use your amazing birth story in our Gloucester newsletter, hope this is ok xx


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