Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pumpkin Carving

We have carved pumpkins ever since J was 1 year  old, and I still remember now, getting her dressed up and posing with that pumpkin. Now the girls are old enough they join in too, even S helped carve the pumpkin out last year with the scoop at 21 months. This year, they helped even more. They chose the pumpkins themselves at the farm from the field. And they are very big pumpkins, I think they are our biggest yet!

J chose Daddy to help her, and S was stuck with me. They each picked their own designs with thanks to google images. J picked a tricky my little pony design, whilst S kept switching between owl and spider.... we ended up with spider, and a nice simple one at that. Daddy managed to find a free template, so got busy cutting it out, whereas I couldn't find one, so would have to go free-style.
Then it was cutting it open and scooping all the "gunk out". J is a true girly girl, and refused to put her hand in to start with, where as S was straight in there up to her arm pit... chalk and cheese my girls, even though they want to be the same as each other.
When J saw all of us with our arms inside the pumpkin, and that it wasn't that bad, she decided she did want to help after all, and slowly got stuck in...

Once it was all scooped out, S made sure it was all fit for carving...

I had to draw it on first, and get S's seal of approval... and thankfully it was given....
Whilst daddy stuck his template on... he realised he would have to free hand some of it too, as the gaps between were to thin for the thick large pumpkin... I got to work carving... we have found through experience, it is worth paying 50p-£1 for the cheap carving kits, they look like they wont do anything, but better then any knife and spoon any day!

After the first piece was cut away, S was intrigued... I gave her the piece to explore, her first thoughts were yummy....
Before both girls decided to "carve" into the pieces... next year they will be carving their very own I think... and mummy and daddy will have our own too!

S's one was done in almost no time at all, compared to a tinker bell one we did last year... then we were waiting for Daddy who decided to call a friend half way through....  which meant S didn't get to see the final pumpkin until morning...  But she did see hers all lit up first... she loved it, even gave it a good night kiss....awww...
Then we waited on Daddy to finish....
And again.... J loved it..... SO here are our 2014 Halloween pumpkins..... starring Incy wincey spider and My Little pony, I don't think they will be scaring away any ghouls this year, but they are super cute, and what is more important, the girls chose them themselves and love them.....
note to self: For black photo turn Dave's heat lamp off!
Happy Halloween!
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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I really enjoy doing them... just not the scooping part.

  2. They are HUGE! lol They do look fantastic though x

    1. They are massive aren't they? And very heavy!! Thank you. They do look effective when all lit up :-)

  3. Wow those are awesome designs! Ours is so simple compared to this artworks =) #binkylinky

  4. We haven't really got into the halloween yet. Our twins aren't quite 3 and I've never really been into halloween myself, but I'm sure next year we'll be pumpkin carving too. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  5. That's some pretty amazing carving work there!

  6. Fab pupkins. I wish we had thought to do my little pony, my girls would've adored it #binkylinky

  7. They're amazing! I've been really impressed with all the pumpkins I've seen this year. I've never tried doing it but I'm feeling all inspired now

  8. Fantastic pumpkin carving! I am really impressed, I can barely manage a basic scary face. I bet everyone had fun with those!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsbeKids


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