Monday, 27 October 2014

The Gruffalo Childs Trail at Delamere

After the stressful day on Saturday, a restless night due to drunken texts, and a teething S, I decided Sunday had to be a better day. Daddy wasn't sure what time he would be in, nor what state he would be in as he was cautiously watching over the stag all night to make sure he wouldn't choke on his own vomit after passing out! I decided to head out and do what we had planned for Monday... The Gruffalo Childs trail at Delamere
Its a 45 minute drive from where we live, so was hoping the little drive would give time for S to nap. She managed about 5 minutes, I think. J was happily singing along to Frozen tunes at the top of her voice, so was in high spirits. Yeay, it was going to be a good day! We were parked in the over flow car park, so had to walk to the main area first, where the girls came across a HUGE tree stump, and just insisted on posing!

When we arrived at the main area, we looked in on the Gruffalo trail pack for £2, I had read on another blog it isn't worth the money, so I double checked, and reluctantly the man held it up for me to see it was just a colouring sheet and a few activities, which im presuming are the ones on the boards around the trail anyway... that saved me £4! As I wouldn't have been able to get just one between the two... We were then on our way... it was clearly sign posted, an got the girls in the spirit of a good walk...
The board was a home to dozens of lady birds, and of course the girls had to stop and have a closer look... by this point I was glad I got more then an hours parking, as we hadn't even started the trail, and already was distracted.
 I eventually managed to persuade J to put the ladybird down so we could start the walk, puddle jumping in every puddle we could find, and squelching in every piece of mud we could find too..
We queued up to see the first board.... it sure was busy on this little walk today...  and the girls soon found the mouse in the picture,

...but was soon distracted by the first letter swinging in the tree, im guessing one of the activities on the sheet was to collect these letter to spell a word, so I took a mental note! J tried throwing a stick at it, and I had to firmly and quickly tell her to stop, due to the crowds of people everywhere...

We popped over a bridge, where S is still using the Purr, which you can listen to here... and came across the den building area.... there was dens everywhere, where you can help build more, or build your own, we were cheeky and found an empty one, and got the Gruffalo child's book out to read what animal we will be finding next... along with a little snack....

When we got walking again, S wanted to collect sticks again, but think she grabbed more then she could handle on this one, as it didn't get very far...
...and decided to settle for a large branch of pine cones.... which J happily sat and counted in the middle of the busy path... oh well, at least she was practising her math on half term....

The next boards activity was to make pictures like the caves picture in the book using sticks and leaves, and they happily went along....
 When we turned a corner it then opened up in a large path, with big bushy trees, I just love these scenes, and this is one of my favourite photos of the day, shame S wasn't in the shot too...
In woods like this, its hard to pass and not want to play hide and seek, so we had a quick game or two.... of course I was still peeking to make sure no random ran off with either of them, but that's my cautious mind on overdrive... but I needn't have worried with S's hiding spots...

I tried to explain to her, to find larger tree's so next time she did, but didn't quite make it round the other side before "hiding".

After a few games, we decided to have a leaf storm, there is nothing better in autumn then to have a eaf fight, or create a leaf storm, and this is J's favourite thing at this time of year, I just adore her natural smile in this, rather then the posed awkward smiles that seem to get snapped more and more....
On another turn, we saw another queue of about 10 families... what had we stumbled across?? Yes... we finally found the Gruffalo... so we had to queue for our snap too...  S was more interested in the statue then the picture, and reluctantly turned around for a snap. We waited a while for the queue to go down so the girls could get a better look, and was intrigued by the wart...

It was then the walk back to the main area, double tracking on part of the trail we already crossed, J asked if she could do some proper puddle splashing as we were now on our way back, and I agreed...  

At the end of the trail, I promised the girls a bbq sausage bap which I saw advertised when we walked through as I hadn't bought a packed lunch. Unfortunately they had sold out, so after a mini meltdown from BOTH girls, we started to queue for the main café.... 15 minutes it took to get to the front... and then we got charged even more then the outside BBQ would have charged us for...
I was not impressed... the girls wont touch a side salad, and they didn't want posh plates, they would have been happy with a napkin wrapped around it...  but it meant we was fed, and it was nice!

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  1. Aw bless. I thought that it was bad to have charged you more. You probably mentioned this but where is this? My little cousin is obsessed with the gruffalo. And would love this I bet :)

    1. This one is in Delamere Forest, if you click on the link near the top, it takes you to the forestry commission who is running it, there is 15 nationwide :-)

  2. Gorgeous day and pics - except for the food! That sounds a pain. But it does sound like such fun - I'd never heard of it before.

  3. Looks like they had a great time. Can't wait for Molly to be big enough to enjoy this.

  4. Apart from the food, sounds like it was a great day out. What lovely photos - your girls look like they are having so much fun. We did the Gruffalo trail in the summer and will have to try and do the Gruffalo's child one at some point too x

  5. yay Gruffalo. We went to see the one at Wyre forest at the weekend.

  6. love this so much! we did the gruffalo walk at Delamere and plan to head back to do this one too

  7. Awww looks like a fun trip! I hope next time they will think of how kids want their food to be served to make their menu more enticing to children. #LetKidsBeKids

  8. there is a gruffalo's child trail near us and we have been meaning to go on it all summer, I must get round to it, we love leaves and muddy puddles too, the girls would love it this time of year #letkidsbekids (from

  9. Gruffalo trails are loads of fun and it looks like your girls enjoyed making the most of their day. Lovely photos, amazing colours.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  10. We took our toddler here the other weekend. Great fun. After reading this I'm glad we took a picnic! Must blog about our trip soon.

  11. It looks like S and J enjoyed their day searching for the gruffalo, it's a shame that you couldn't get the BBQ sausage burger. It's great that they're so willing to get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer like puddle splashing and leaf storms. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.


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