Friday, 31 October 2014

Trick or Treat

We have never taken the girls trick or treating, but last year where we used to live was buzzing with youngsters in costumes, and bucket full of sweets, I wanted to the girls to be a part of it so bad, but they were happy just staying in handing the sweets out. I disagree with the whole knocking on strangers doors, but don't want them missing out on the hype with their peers.

This morning, J actually asked if she could go trick or treating, and as we had costumes already, I decided that we should give it a go.

I wasn't too impressed with her red riding hood costume she wore earlier in the week as the cape kept coming off, so we decided to attack an old bridesmaid dress my niece wore to our wedding. (She had also wore it as a corpse bride)

The girlies happily sat and painted blood on to it...

When it was almost time to go out, we started on the face painting.... J was adamant she didn't want blood on her, but she was happy with the end result as she didn't have big black eyes....

S then wanted her face painted too, so good old google images came up for us again....

They look pretty good, even if I do say so myself. Considering this is our first attempt.... I was really excited to let them loose, and they were eager to wish every one a happy Halloween.

We went to a local farm first who was doing a charity scare fest, and the girls were getting a lot of looks and smiles. But my money vanished after about 20 minutes, as everything cost money, and it wasn't cheap.
So we headed home and set loose on the streets around us. The girls each had a pumpkin bucket and a lantern so they could be seen. We were going to just do the cul-de-sac near us, but only one house out of 20 had a pumpkin, and they didn't even have any sweets. In my opinion, if you put a pumpkin out, you are saying knock on...
The girls started to feel deflated, so we started to search for any house... We eventually found one with candles lit and Halloween tinsel in the window... yeay! We knocked on, and they never heard us, but their little boy did, he got the mummy's attention, and she shouted through the window, don't go!! We were their first of the night, and she recognised J from school.... so we had a little conversation, and the girls were all buzzed up again....
We passed another 20 houses with nothing, then we saw one in a bedroom window, and we hit about 4 houses that had lights or pumpkins inviting us to knock... One house, they had candles in jars, and when we knocked on she was dressed as a witch, and he was as Frankenstein... they tried making Halloween banter with J asking her what she ate for dinner, and J didn't say anything spooky just pizza lol... we couldn't help but laugh. The few houses we saw had put a lot of effort in, and the girls loved in, but it was a shame we were out for an hour, and we only found 8 houses. Last year we gave out over 200 sweets in 90minutes... and I do miss that buzz.... next year, we may not do it here....
We live in a wealthy little village now, and im wondering if that has something to do with it? Last year we were on a housing estate with council houses as well as home owners... could that be something to do with it??
Anyway... my girls had nothing to compare it too, so they were over the moon at their few sweets they had, and all I can say is a huge thank you for the few people that made their night!
Happy Halloween!!


  1. Brilliant! Using the old bridesmaid dress with red paint as blood is a great idea. Love the photos.

  2. Firstly their outfits look great, especially for last minute! I myself am not the biggest fan of trick or treaters but I have friends who love them and do the house up for them to knock. I actually like that you were looking for houses that were done up as I would presume that is an invite for the kids to knock. x

  3. Great post! Especially as I was umming and aahing whether to take my 3 year old out trick or treating! I had Avon catalogues to pick up so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and since I needed to take my kids with me we went for it! We also tried just to pick on the houses with pumpkins or decorations outside and everyone was very generous!!! We live right near council houses and I think its really nice that even though these people aren't exactly rich, they were giving out their haribos by the dozen and some gave multipacks of chocolate bars to us ... I found myself asking them 'were they sure' as I couldn't believe how generous people were being. Forget the treats, I was actually really surprised that almost everyone we knocked on answered their door :) happy Halloween :) xx


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