Thursday, 20 November 2014

Child denied tap water - UPDATE!!!

It seems my last post certainly touched a nerve with parents everywhere, sparking plenty of comments and discussion. My post had over 9000 page views in 32 hours, and whilst I don't always do "follow up posts", I thought due to the popular nature of this topic (and in fairness to fun2b!) I ought to keep you all updated as to how things have progressed over the last few days.

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who viewed, commented, and shared. I have been overwhelmed with how big this post became! I recieved a reply from fun2b last night from their management team explaining "what went on" behind the scenes on their side. One of the big frustrations for me surrounding this whole experience was that I had commented on their Facebook site and also emailed them to give them a chance to talk to me before I posted onto my blog. As I wrote on my last post, I received no reply and my Facebook post vanished.

Without going into hugely technical detail, it appears there have been problems with the IT setup behind the scenes meaning my email to them (along with many more emails from others) had not been received. Another technical issue prevented my Facebook post uploading. Fun2b explained to me that it is indeed their policy to provide a glass of tap water to a child if needed (but they don't go over the top with this policy as revenue generated from food and drink sales are what keeps them open and in business. This is fair in my opinion!). My experience, along with others' experiences highlighted in the comments made through the various mediums have brought to light a breakdown between fun2b's water policy and what the staff have come to believe the policy is.

Fun2b have rectified the IT problems, and have said they will reinforce their policies to the staff. Personally, I feel this is a fair resolution to the issues I outlined in the original post.

Ultimately, I'd like a positive outcome from this. I don't blog to hurt companies, and my first post was borne from my feeling let down and angry. I'm a great believer in second chances however, and fun2b took the time to write me a long and honest reply to my experience. They have endeavoured to fix the problems I highlighted, an that's all that can be asked of them. I feel that as my original blog piece gained strength and struck a cord with so many people, there is a certain responsibility that goes with "big posts" like this, a responsibility to be fair and truthful. To this end, it's only fair for me to mention that fun2b have been open and honest in their response to me. I don't wish to hurt them, we all know how negative publicity can damage businesses, and it seems that my blog piece, whilst it served its purpose in voicing my opinion and attempting to rectify "issues", it also runs the risk of becoming some sort of hate campaign. This has never been, and will never be my intention.

As I mentioned, mistakes happen and all I expect is for them to be fixed. That's all that can be expected of any business, big or small. I think fun2b have fulfilled their responsibility to fix them, and as a blogger it's my responsibility to post the good, as well as the bad.


  1. Thanks for the update and it's good of you to even quite it if you ask me. I just wonder if the company in question would be so forthcoming in their apology had you not blogged about it and received so much attention for the blog you wrote xx

  2. Thanks for the update.....I'm so glad they got back to you!

  3. It's nice that they got back to you. Some companies don't even bother to follow up.

  4. I'm glad the issue was followed up... A glass of tap water hardly would have broken the bank though!

  5. Its good of them to get back to you, your first blog post must have struck a cord for them to actually reply.

  6. I'm glad to hear it is all sorted and they got back to you! x


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