Thursday, 6 November 2014

Children and glasses

Before S was born, I mentioned to the health visitor that J would always stand so close to the TV and scrunch her eyes like she was squinting. On the back of this, she referred us to get her eyes looked at thoroughly at the hospital.
When it finally came through she was 2.5-3 years old. As children that young don't know their letters, they cant do the normal sight tests, so instead its done with a little flip book and pictures of trains and ducks etc all in black and white. This was not conclusive so she had to have some drops in her eyes. These drops would make her pupils enlarge, and they would take a look into the back of her eyes. These drops also makes vision a little blurry, and very light sensitive. This test then also came back ok. J had one eye stronger then the other, but still very good vision. However, due to a very strong family history of short sightedness and the fact one was stronger, they kept us on the books.
Today we had a follow up appointment, 18 months since the last, as due to miscommunication over very strong accents, I thought we had been discharged, so didn't inform of our new address when we moved. However, we were chased down when we re-registered at the doctors.
We almost cancelled her appointment as J is battling a bug at the moment, but seemed to have perked up. We went in for the normal sight test, and this time due to her age (5) she was able to do the letters. They covered each eye in turn with a giant eye patch plaster. She had good vision, but got muddled on the 3rd from bottom. Due to this they asked if she could have the drops again to re look into the back of her eyes.
The drops were put in much to her dislike, but she was very brave, and there was no tears. Yeay!!
Drops create HUGE pupils!
 After an hour wait, we were seen by a different doctor. The news we had been dreading. J is short sighted. She is already a minus 1. However, at this time they are not prescribing any glasses, as they say children's eyes are very good, and a little strain could be better for her. We have a follow up in 3-4 months when its more likely we will be walking away with glasses.
This is not the news I wanted for my little girl as I was bullied at school, with 4-eyes and geek etc. being thrown around, however, I don't want her to suffer and not see. She has already requested princess glasses, so at least she is keen at the moment.


  1. Aww sorry to hear your wee one needs glasses tho I think attitudes have changed since we were small and glasses are more fashionable than they were - plus they look a darn sight better than those of years gone by.

  2. More and more children these days have glasses hun try not to worry about it hun, my 2 have them x

  3. I had glasses at school to try to correct the turn I had in my right eye. I ended up having surgery which corrected it, and managed without glasses until 26. Hopefully, if she does need glasses, it won't be a permanent thing. Regardless, the glasses you can get nowadays are pretty smart and quite fashionable! Kids will always find something to pick on others for, but it's our job as parents to build up the self-confidence so high that the bullies don't make a dent big enough in it to upset them x


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