Friday, 28 November 2014

Glebe Farm

I've come to realise that since J has started school, we have almost stopped our outdoor explorations. Its such a shame as well all love being outside, come rain or shine. Its just time is a little tight. Saturday mornings are pretty much all taken up between J's swimming lessons, and the dance lessons for each girl separately. By lunch time, myself and both girls are exhausted, which means a film afternoon, or chill out time. Which just leaves us with Sunday, I like to not have to rush around as its the one day we don't need to be out the house by 9am, and by the time I have had my chill out morning, its then lunch time... the day just vanishes.
Today S was a tad irritable as she had a restless night as we have taken her comforter off her, but that's something special and requires its own blog post. I was not going to be stuck in on my own with her tearing the house up, so after a trip to the pet shop to get our bearded dragon some more live food.... I gave S the option, park, or the local petting farm. This is an easy option for S, and it was back to Glebe Farm. I have written about it before here, when we first discovered it, and we have been many, many, many times since. Sometimes with friends and family, and other times just myself and the girlies. We love it.
Today was a wet morning, and I had wished I wore my welly boots. The smell today was more 'farm yard' too, which makes me appreciate how much effort they usually put in keeping it smelling fresh. They have recently had works done over the summer, and now have new toilets, and a special hand washing sink too.

With Christmas just around the corner, and we had already visited within the week, I decided not to purchase the very cheap animal feed this time, as it does add up, if you go more then once in the week. Instead, we did something we haven't done here before... bought our stale rolls with us. The geese... they must have smelt it, and it was hilarious watching them run across the field too us. One was right in our faces and quacking a lot, so when S decided she wanted a little play on the equipment, I was actually pleased. I don't often see the geese and ducks fed here, as its normally the other animals, but after todays reaction, I will be bringing more down for sure.
We didn't stay for long, as the rain started again, but was a little break from the four walls. It cheered her up ready for her appointment with a speech therapist for evaluation, which I am pleased to say she will not need any follow up care.... yeay!!
Glebe farm, were busy getting ready for the Christmas light switch on whilst we were there, which is tomorrow, (Saturday) and were lining up the real Christmas tree's, this is something that took me back to my childhood, as we always went and picked a real one, every year.
They had so many, and the quality was amazing for a real tree, I expected the needles to be flimsy, and the trees look bare, but there were full and bush, and the needles soft... maybe next year when the girls are that bit older, I may be able to persuade the M family for a real one.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. I remember my daughter used to be so exhausted when she started school (she is now too but we blame teenage hormones for that). She had school, after school clubs, horse the end we decided it was too much for her and cut back most of the after school activities. I do think kids have far too much on their plates these days from such a young age. I'm so glad you're taking time out to chill in the afternoons and your trip out seems perfect :)

  2. We also enjoying going to farms. We haven't been out much since the clocks went back a few weeks ago. Must try and go to our local farm soon! x

  3. Ah that looks like a lovely place for an afternoon out. I know just what you mean about days vanishing though - we often find the same at weekends! So glad that all went well with S's appointment with the speech therapist too x

  4. It looks like a lovely place!! It's important that children are able to stay in touch with nature - I feel a lot of people lack that and it's such a shame.


  5. Real christmas trees were the subject of one of my posts this week. If you grew up with them it's hard not to want one again. Glebe park looks like a great place to have close by and taking your own rolls for the geese a good idea. The ducks will be very gentle but watch the geese they can be a nuisance. Well done on missing the rain and getting out and thank you for sharing with me on country Kids.

  6. That looks fun, we love farms like this, the boys love the animals. We have the same problem at the weekends, they just vanish! #CountryKids

  7. Love the photo of the duck! My boys love the farm #countrykids

  8. This place looks great, will have to go for a visit :)


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