Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Our Wedding. part 1

Today is our wedding anniversary. It has been 4 years... WOW!!! We have survived 4 years married!! So this post will be flashing back to that memorable and expensive day! Mostly photos as they do say a thousand words themselves. Hope you enjoy looking back at our special day...
Our wedding was originally booked for May 2010, but we found out we were expecting J, so wanted to postpone, unfortunately as the hotel already had our deposit, they could only move it forward or back 6 months or loose a lot of money. We chose back so we had more time to save.... we would need it with J on the way. This meant more time sorting the details out.
I went off the usual stereotype white wedding dress, as I felt that I couldn't walk down the aisle in white after having J, and as our theme we were attempting to go for was winter wonderland, I instantly fell in love with this dress when I found it! The shoes, I had to have the ankle strap to keep my feet in place, were from good old eBay, as well as the pearl necklace and bracelet which also had an extra sparkle with them too.  I had an old sixpence cello taped to the bottom of my shoe as my something old, and its till there now...I'm hoping to pass the same one on to my girls when its their turn.
My tiara, was my mums she wore when she got married, and I believe my sisters also got married in it too, as my something borrowed. My hair.. well I was selfish... I wanted a really time consuming up do, that I could never recreate, and to get my moneys worth out the hairdresser. I originally wanted long curls, but my hair is so thick, they drop out very quickly. My make up I left to the beautician, and looking back, I don't like it. I'm clueless when it comes to make-up.
My parents in law, took J off my hands whilst I got ready, and my parents came to get ready with me, along with my eldest niece, who was my flower girl. The hairdresser did my mum and my niece too, and we enjoyed buck fizz, I also had croissants, but my stomach was doing cartwheels... My mum was the one who also helped me squeeze into my dress... THAT STORY is going to have to have a whole post for itself... I so almost ended up down the aisle in a bin bag...seriously.
As my mum got ready, my dad helped me put my necklace on to help finish the look off, and I straightened up his poppy... we HAD to have poppy's,Lest we forget... its not just our day... and I got a lovely daddy daughter shot, being 1 of 4 girls growing up, these photos are rare.
We were ready with plenty of time to spare, and the cars were even early. Unfortunately, one of my classic cars broke down the day before, so we only had one of the classical and a Merc pitched in instead. The drivers couldn't believe how calm we were when they told us, but what could we do? Risk it breaking down on the way??

 Whilst they were waiting for the room to be organised, and for myself to arrive, the photographer got the guys to pose for some shots... Daddy M does not like the camera, so I'm surprised they got these shots. The photographer must have thought I would be late with the watch poses, but in fact I was early, and I had to go around the block several times due to the hotel thinking they could get an extra meeting in our rooms before our vows.

The room was eventually ready for us, and all my little details I spent so long picking out and organising all came together...  I love the white twigs with the battery operated fairy lights in over sized vases... I originally wanted candles either side of the aisle, but as we wanted it child friendly, we decided against that idea. The white aisle runner also helped bring it all together for our theme, although it would have been better if I paid triple the price for a carpet one, but it did the trick. The company we did to do our chairs, also did a fantastic job, and so glad we chose a small family business over a huge firm.
Instead of page boys, we got our nephews to be poppy boys, giving out fabric poppies that we organised from the British legion to all our guests for a splash of red so we could still remember what day we were sharing.

It was then time to go in.... 2pm 11.11.10

Daddy looked extremely nervous, and wouldn't turn around...
 The ceremony went without a hitch, apart from J deciding to scream her little heart out, so my sister in law, took her out.

We had two readings, one from daddy's brother and one from my sister.

It was soon time to "kiss the bride" I love this photo, as it looks like a love heart with our heads and Daddy's arm.

On leaving the ceremony, we were greeted with champagne, and buck fizz for our guests... well it was time to celebrate.

I just love the when I flick through the photos, everyone apart from Daddy and myself are wearing poppies... and there is  glimmer of red in every photo. Bringing happiness into a day of remembrance.

And not forgetting the obligatory confetti shot...

So that our run up on the day, and the ceremony... the rest of the day ill have to be another post for another time, as I'm sure this is long enough already.


  1. Beautiful photos - your dress was stunning and I love that you included poppies as part of your day. That photo of your first married kiss is gorgeous - how lovely that your heads and your hubby's arm happened to form that heart shape. Happy anniversary to you both and may you have many happy years to come. Armistice Day is also significant to us as hubby proposed to me in Belgium when we were there for the 90th anniversary of the armistice x

  2. Happy anniversary! and many, many more happy years to come!

  3. wow what gorgeous wedding dresss looked like such a gorgeous day i wish you and your partner many years of happiness and hope it was a perfect day!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both 💖💖💖💖

  5. I love the fact that you bought your shoes and necklace secondhand. Any your dress is beautiful. I'm stunned that you said you made it through four years of marriage though. hehe. As if that's a long time. There are many trials to come and you need to be strong to weather the storm together. Best wishes.

  6. You looked beautiful. Your dress is stunning. Its amazing how quick the time goes by isn't it? Lovely post

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both. Isn't it amazing how time flies?!

  8. awww what a really lovely post and what a super special day! thank you for sharing and linking up with #magicmoments

  9. You look amazing. Your dress is beautiful and your hair stunning! Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  10. It was truly a picture perfect wedding! Thanks a lot for this great share. This post makes me so happy actually I am also going to tie the knot at some popular destination Chicago venues. Hoping that our big day will go as planned!


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