Monday, 24 November 2014

Our weekend round-up

This weekend we spent the time with Grandma and Grandad, and Grandad I. It seems looking back, it was based around food, I cooked a lovely ham stew, which was originally going to be a ham soup. Then in the evening Grandma and Grandad treated us all to a lovely 3 course dinner at a local country pub, which was divine, and ooh the home made sherry trifle.... well it certainly had sherry in!! Then the Sunday we had Grandmas home cooked roast dinner.... yummy!!
It wasn't originally going to be based around food, but was due to a local church... the iconic gorgeous looking church in Astbury, hosting a Christmas craft fair. 

Picture from Wikipedia -'s_Church,_Astbury
We drive past it LOTS as its on one of the routes home, in a small village very close. The girls were giddy before we went, so whilst walking up I explained to J that its Gods house, so she had to be on best behaviour. Now daddy and myself are not religious, but Grandma and Grandad are, and have taken the girls to church before, so they have been around  the subject before, so I was expecting that to be the end of the conversation.  Whilst inside J asked one of the ladies on a stall if she was God... and if this was her house... it did provide some giggles... The craft fair was lovely and a few things were bought.... and another Christmas present is sorted.
We also visited a local garden centre too, I just love visiting garden centres at Christmas time to take in all the sparkling lights and pretty decorations.
Sunday we had a relaxing morning, and J finally got to unpackage a present she got for her birthday. Barbie and Me nail salon. She loves it... it comes with fake nails, perfect size for her, aged 5 and possibly up to age 7, that she could paint, and then stick on. She loved being able to paint them, but didn't want them stuck on after, as she wanted her own nails painted instead, which Grandma happily did when we visited for lunch and the afternoon.
We watched cool runnings, but the girlies were not impressed as they wanted to watch Shrek 2, so instead they found their own entertainment with wooden animals and a swivel chair....
I managed to get my first lot of Christmas presents wrapped, ready for Grandma to deliver next weekend, and I also finished 2 home made presents im giving this year, after purchasing a mini sewing machine...
It wasn't  a full on hectic weekend, but with a late night for the girls thrown in, its been a tiring one, we don't spend a lot of time with the extended family as much as we would like to these days, as J is now at school so it restricts us to weekends, or late nights for them, and Grandma has recently started a new job, which has changed from shifts to weekend only too, so she isn't left with as much spare time as she used to have, which makes these weekends extra special. Grandad I lives along way away, so again we don't see him much, but the girls adore him, even though he refused to meet Dave our bearded Dragon, which did upset J. Teehee....  So that's our weekend roundup.... the last before our Christmas activities start...
Did you have a nice weekend? What did you get up to?


  1. The trifle looks delicious!

    I've not seen cool runnings in years!

    Corinne x

  2. That trifle has really caught my eye, it is immense!

  3. Sounds like it was a lovely weekend and your comment about weekends with Grandma and Grandad being extra special has made me realise that I need to make the most of being able to pop down to my mum's midweek while I still can. J asking the lady in church if she was God made me chuckle and I love the photo in the garden centre.


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