Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Coming home for Christmas...Part 1

Christmas time is the one time of year, that im guaranteed a trip back "home". Ive been up north six years on the 1st January, and class that as home now, but the home I return to every year, is where my parents and sisters are. This year, we decided to come "home" for longer then usual, and extend the usual 2 night trip to three, and stay with the girls Auntie L, from mummytoboyz. J and O are very similar ages, and S and L have a year between them, so very close in ages, and last time, they acted more like brother and sisters, with trying to be one up on each other all the time. This year, was completely different. They seemed to be more grown up at 4 and 5, and actually played nicely, and wanted lots of cuddles.
J and O top and tailed for bedtime, which is the first time J has successfully done this, and woke up both at the same end. It was a very early get up as O is an early riser, much earlier then ours, so I got up with them, whilst Auntie L and Uncle R got a few more winks.
It meant I got some quality time with the four of them behaving, and still slightly sleepy, so lots of cuddles.

After we were all up, dressed and fed, we headed for the local beach. This is a luxury for us, as our nearest is a few hours drive away now. On arrival it was very, very windy. If I hadn't promised it, we would have probably given up at that point.  The tide was high, so we were on the hunt for a piece of shore we can play on.

But as the tide was so high, it meant we could all throw some stones into the sea from the car park.

 We decided o walk along the cliff top to another piece of shore to try and get away from the wind, where we were greeted with puddles galore.... the older two liked "feeding the flowers" by shovelling water into the grass, and at one point I thought little L might push his brother in...

After a little walk on top of the cliff, we came across another opening to the beach, and we had some beach... the kids were delighted....

J instantly wanted to go in the water, and as she was the only one with her waterproof trousers on, she went solo.... but very cautiously due to the strong currents....

Whilst Auntie L helped the others build sandcastles...

J sure loves the beach as much as I do... even in the winter....

After a little time in the water, we went to see how the sandcastle building was going.... it was now on destruction mode....
 On returning up the shore, I had found a feather for a flag for a castle, and S wasn't happy that O got it first, so Auntie L took her on a hunt for her own one, and little L wanted to join them too....

J  then decided she needed more shells for her collection, and she found a fair few before heading back to the car.

S wasn't happy due to the wind, and cried all the way back to the car.

We stopped off at an old fallen tree, and the older two wanted to climb it again, J was a little scared of falling, which surprised me after how adventurous she has been this summer, but still made it up for a pose with the brave O.

Then followed by a nice warm hot chocolate, which auntie L bought along with her....

It was a lovely morning out, despite the winds best efforts. We then headed back to Auntie L's where she then acting as a flying machine for the kids to help them fly... this guaranteed lots of laughter.....

Thank you Auntie L for a lovely day, and letting us stay with you for the night.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Sounds like a very fun 3 days hun x

  2. I live very ear the beach too - I am very lucky :) fab photos, I hope you had a great Christmas x

  3. Aww looks like you had a lovely time! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  4. This sounds lovely, looks like you had a lot of fun.

    I love family time over the holidays, especially spending nights in playing board games, eating (lots!) and being with my nieces. :)

    meimei xx

  5. Such lovely pics. Love the pic of little J on the beach with her hood up all windswept but loving it, so sweet. x

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