Friday, 5 December 2014

Ice Kingdom at Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

I am going to keep this post fairly short as im suffering from "man flu" or a flu with no signs of cold.... aching muscles, cold shivers down to the bone one minute, sweating like your in the sauna the next, feels like I have a snooker ball in my throat, and every time I move my head, it throbs, so on here is not where I want to be, but I have so much I want to write about this festive season, its building up, so here is my post on our trip to the Ice Kingdom at Hyde park. I have already written about the queues here, so I wont mention it again.
When booking, we were told to wrap up warm, our day we visited, it was extremely mild, so the girls didn't have much to keep them warm... thankfully I packed the gloves and hats, and loaded them up whilst queuing. They filtered us in a few at a time, so finally we were not as claustrophobic, and the cold really does hit you as you walk in.... a real wintery feel.
You walk in to a path lined with real Christmas trees, and icicle posts... J innocently went to touch one, and got told off my a member of staff.... there should be signs to stay no touching before entering if that's the case, as she then went all shy, and withdrawn by the way it was said to her.
The sculptures were impressive, with smaller ones dotted around, and larger more WOW scenes too.

The lighting was great to keep the cool feel, and to still be able to take great photos.

Which just ooze Christmas... well I think so anyway....
Half way around we came across another two queues, one was for photos taken on the ice thrones, the other much longer one was to be able to climb on top of the ice castle and slide down the ice slide. This had a 40 min wait time, and in these cold conditions, we decided to give the girls their Anna and Elsa moment on the thrones out of the two. They had someone there doing the photos, which then cost £8 at the end, but they don't mind you taking your own.

To then keep with the "Frozen" theme, we saw a fountain like the one in the film...

To see the magic in the girls faces, made all the crowds worthwhile.

The girls even starred in their own magic mirror...

Now the girls have this ongoing thing with Grandad C, all about unicorns.... Grandad keeps seeing them but when the girls are not with him, but he sends pictures to let the girls know when he has seen them ... the girls have yet to see the pink sparkly one J keeps mentioning about, but Grandad C... here we have found 2 unicorns for you!

The finale big ice sculpture was off a dragon... this pleased S as she is really into the stereotype boys things again at the moment, ie dinosaurs and cars etc. It was really impressive.

Once we returned back outside, the glasses instantly fogged up. Once cleaned and sorted, we were on our way to warm up. It just had to be hot chocolate with cream and a flake. Thank fully there was no queue for this stand as others were choosing the more boozy option.

We did enjoy the ice kingdom experience, and would recommend a visit on a weekday morning when its not expected to be as busy as a weekend. Unfortunately due to school, and the travel times, we were stuck with weekends.
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  1. We haven't been to Winter Wonderland yet this year, but it is a must-have Christmas attraction for our family! :) x

  2. The ice sculptures are truely amazing! Looks like your little ones love it!
    I took my niece and nephew to ours last year here in Cardiff, it only has stuff like, hook-a-duck and a small fun house next to ice skating.

    I need to come visit!

  3. This looks simply fantastic! I always find it amazing how beautiful those ice sculptures are! x
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  4. This looks so amazing! I'm gutted j won't have chance to go and see it.

  5. The ice sculptures look amazing here and I'm glad you liked it. I don't think I could take Ethan here, it just wouldn't work for him. I hope you get to lapland UK one year xx

  6. WOW that's amazing. I can only imagine getting a cold bottom off those frozen thrones. Places like that are probs making more of a killing this year with Frozen being so big xx

  7. Wow, that looks truly magical, I bet the girls were over the moon to pretend to be Anna and Elsa for a minute on the ice thrones. The girls looks truly enthralled by all the different Ice Sculptures! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.


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