Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree....

We usually put up and decorate our tree as a family, but this year, it seemed to be chaos, and not the family event it usually is. Daddy started by getting J to actually help with the branches as she is getting older, and she seemed to enjoy it.
However, as S was too young, and kept messing up the piles of branches, she wasn't allowed to help Daddy.

During the year, we were given an old Christmas tree that was no longer wanted, so to include S, I decided to get that up at the same time, and she could help me. She eve managed to put them on the base.

Our tree went up quicker then Daddy and J's tree, and soon J wanted to explore ours.

S soon found the box whilst I was hovering up the mess that always follows after putting the tree up.

And of course J had to jump in too..... sibling rivalry ey... if ones got something the other has to as well!

Once it was all clean and the lights were on, it was time to decorate.... this was for both girls to do together.

S didn't really understand that the tinsel wraps around the tree....
After a little bit of help re distributing, the toy room tree was up, and its very girly!  I actually really like the different colour scheme compared to our traditional colours we have our living room tree. Mummy forgot to get a silver star to match, so that is on the list as and when I see one.

 By this time Daddy had finished constructing our bigger tree, and realised the baubles last year that was packed away were almost all broken due to a younger S pulling them off the tree last year, so he had to do a mad dash to the shops for more baubles.
On returning we spent a brief moment all decorating the tree before daddy escaped to the kitchen to make some mulled wine.

The tree was finally up, after taking all day to do, and I love the soft glow from behind it. The star has since gone on, and ts now looking complete.

The following morning our elves arrived with a Christmas hamper for the girls which includes new pyjamas, Christmas themed DVDs and Christmas books.
Its a shame it wasn't a family occasion with all 4 of us like it usually is. S was in a destructive mood, breaking baubles before they even made it to the tree, and some sentimental salt dough decorations that they have both been making since they were born. Oh well there is always next year to try again...
The tree now its been up over a week, isn't looking as nice as once again S (not quite 3 yet) has attacked BOTH of them, time and time again.


  1. Tree looks magnificent - hope the attacking is stopping though! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. your tree looks awesome. have a grate Christmas

  3. Oh what a glorious looking Christmas Tree, it's truly lovely and the glow does look brilliant and makes the room look very cosy. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Xmas Rachel X.


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