Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Worlds Greatest Christmas Party

We were lucky enough to be invited along to one of the showings of The Worlds Greatest Christmas Party, with Mr Yipadee, Joe Chambers from Cbeebies Rhyme Rocket, and singing Santa and a flutterby the baby ballet fairy.
They are currently on tour, and are now touring the North-West. We saw them at Fun4all in Macclesfield on Tuesday evening, and it was actually scarily quiet for a tour like this. Maybe because the timing was so close to school closing? Im not sure. We still had great fun. The songs were unique, and perfect for children, and they even had Daddy M smirking away to himself....
Mr Yipadee is famous on the online music world, and is the No. 1 best selling children's album on iTunes.

It wasn't just them singing and the kids dancing... it was interaction the whole way through... bringing instruments and Santa's bells into the mix... .... and even a quiet moment.....

....they also did a story time through a song... some people may not like it, but us M family, was in hysterics about Rudolph farting... I mean passing gas....  the story book was large enough for all children to see with out struggling...

It was then time for some more fun, bringing back memories from mummies childhood with the wiggly worm n a stick...

I was amazed at how strong Flutterby toes were... she seemed to be constantly on the tips of her toes... it was so cute watching the other little girls attempt to copy.

The adults didn't get away with it though, and ended the party with a good old conga... I didn't get many pics of this, as I wanted to join in too.... it was so much fun...

...and we could even have our photo taken at the end with Santa and the gang...

Was it the words greatest party??? Well that's the name of the tour, and if you ask my girls, they would say it was. They had so much fun they didn't touch their dinner, and went to bed hungry. Oh dear!! They slept extremely well, and joined in through out, we would highly recommend them for some festive fun for the children before Christmas.
The tour is now almost complete, but they have a few more dates available, why not check to see if they have space near you?
21-Dec 13:30: Cheadle - Funtime Kids
21-Dec 16:30: Newton-Le-Willows- Prendoolys
22-Dec 10:00: Warrington - Giddy Kidz
22-Dec 14:30: Woverhampton - Jungle Boogie
22-Dec 16:30: Woverhampton - Jungle Boogie
If you do go, I would love to know what you thought too. The girls are still listening to the album now and singing along... we are certainly in the festive swing here....
If you want to hear some of the tunes, head over to and have a look.
Thank you Mr Yipadee, Joe Chambers, Flutterby and Santa.
We were given two complimentary tickets, all photos, opinions and words are my own.

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